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Introduce of 4 Types of Hair Replacement Systems for You to Choose from

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There’re all kinds of toupees with different types of hair replacement systems in our company which is Lavivid. They are lace hair systems, skin hair systems, mono hair systems, and silk hair systems. Each of them has its respective characters and advantages. This article will discuss these four different types with separate examples. You can just choose what you want from them.

Toupees have become more and more popular, as it’s a permanent solution to solve the baldness problem for bald people before they get cured. For the bald, especially at a young age, they would have a terrible hang-up about it. Suitable toupees will save them from feeling abandoned and embarrassed. At the same time, a suitable toupee will also help people to show their charm. 

1. Lace hair systems

Among 4 types of hair replacement systems, the most prominent features of lace are lightweight and breathable. It may be a little hard to pick a suitable toupee for people who are not familiar with it. And the replacement period for a lace hair system is 4-6 months. For the lace hair system, the hair is knotted on the base. The maximum hair length for the lace base is 6”. 

The helios hair system for bald men with a full Swiss lace base is designed with full Swiss lace which is breathable and soft. As the thinnest and lightest lace is used, Helios has become quite popular among all lace hair systems in the market. As the Swiss lace is soft, it can provide you a natural front hairline. The lines on the base are hand-sewn to keep the toupee in good shape and durable. 

The base size is 8”x10” while the hair length is 6”. Two kinds of hair density are for your choice: 80% and 90%. The hair is made from Indian Remy human hair which is of high quality. It is both soft and flexible and the toupee made from it can last 4-6 months. The ties in the front hairline are decolorized which makes the hair quite natural and authentic. The price of this is $348. 

As the lace base is breathable, it can be worn in extremely hot weather or during you’re doing exercises. Just take notice of one more thing. To ensure the toupee in good condition, a protective coating of the conditioner is added to the lace. And it can make the glue or tapes cease to be effective, so just wash it off before wearing. 64 colors ranging from black, brown, blonde, to gray are for you to choose from. 

2. Skin hair systems

If you want to keep a longer life cycle of application, you may choose the skin hair systems from these 4 types of hair replacement systems. The replacement period for a skin hair system is 6-9 months. The hair is injected into the base and it’s vivid and natural with lower breathability. There’s no limitation of hair length for skin hair systems. 

Cronus Men’s hair thinning treatment with a full Polyskin base is made from European hair with a lift injection technique while the lace is crafted from Poly skin. Compared to Indian hair and Asian hair, European hair is much softer and sleeker. The hair is injected into the base without any knot at all which is a most prominent feature. As a result, the hair moves quite naturally and the toupee seems more vivid. 

The base is designed with full skin with the size of 8”x10”. And the hair length is 9” and made with a free hairstyle. The density of the hair is 115%. The replacement period of it is 6-9 months. There’re many different colors for you to choose from such as black, brown, grey, ginger, and so on. The price of it is $399. 

3. Mono hair systems

The mono hair systems are very breathable and durable. The same point they have as the skin hair systems is the long replacement period, while they are less natural than lace hair systems. Heavy hair densities are acceptable for them and they do not need to bleach hair knots. Fine mono, super fine mono, and welded mono are included in this system. 

The Apollo men’s toupee is made from Indian Remy Human Hair, and it’s the strongest and most durable style among mono hair systems. It has 3”x3.5” fine mono in the center and wide poly with gauze in the perimeter. The base size is 8”x10” and the hair length is 6”. The poly skin area measures 2” in the front, 2.5” on the temples, 3.5” on the sides, and 4” in the back. The hair density for it is 120%. 

You can wear it during sleep, showering, and when you are out. Don’t worry that they will drop off. If you are looking for a straight and long hairstyle, the Apollo is the right one. If the base is too large, you can just cut it as much as you want. The scallop front hairline offers a natural-looking front hairline. A very durable base provides a 6-9 months lifespan. 37 colors ranging from black, brown, blonde, and so on are for you to choose from. 

4. Silk hair systems

The silk hair systems look very realistic and natural. It’s one of the good choices for bald people. Two or three layers are used to inject the hair. The hair is knotted on the second layer instead of the top layer. And that makes the hair looks quite natural and vivid. It might not so breathable as a one-layer lace base, but it’s much more breathable than a poly or skin base. 

The Poseidon men’s receding hairline solution is made from Indian Remy human hair. It has a silk top base with 1” of thin PU around the perimeter. The knots are 100% invisible and giving people the illusion that the hair is growing out from your scalp. A tri-layer system is used for the silk top and when the hair is knotted, the knots are concealed between the layers. The hair is then injected through the silk material. 

The base size is 8”x10” and the hair length is 6”. The hair density for it is 130% which is the thickest one among all these 4 types in our company. It has a free hairstyle which is straight. No knots can be seen all over the base as they are bleached.  The price of it is $386. 

It has a strong and durable base and the most realistic hairline. When people are looking down at your head, the hairline just looks like your scalp. The hair looks like just growing from your scalp. Among all types of hair replacement systems, Poseidon has the most durable base. The combination of silk base in the center and thick poly around makes it strong enough to last at least 8 months. Usually, they can last 12 months. 

If the base is too large, you can only cut a little bit to make some adjustments. As there’re 3 layers and the poly around conceals the 3 layers together. If you cut the poly off, the system can’t be used anymore. Poseidon has 3 sizes available in stock and they are 6”x8”, 7”x9”, and 8”x10”. You can just choose the size that is closest to your need. Only two colors are available for now. 

For all these 4 hair replacement systems, six steps are needed to wear them. First, shave the hair on the top head. Second, trim the rest hair. Third, wash the scalp. Four, cut the base to match the scalp size. Five, apply liquid adhesive on the front hairline. Six, make a perfect hairstyle. 

Moreover, when you choose toupees, just pay attention to the match of skin color with hair color. There’re fairer skin, Asian skin, naturable beige, and dark skin. Each of them has its distinctive feature and needs a respective selection. Just remember that if the face looks brighter and natural set off by the color of the hair, then it’s the right choice.

Except for the above 4 types of hair replacement systems in our company, there are also all kinds of accessories for toupees. such as hair system tapes, salon ordering tools, hair system glue, and so on. You can buy all at one-stop shopping. There’re also blogs about all kinds of hair loss issues. You can just consult them. If you want to learn more information, you can just consult the following website.


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