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A Beginners Guide to Choosing Man Wigs

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Choosing man wigs can be difficult especially for first-time buyers. There are so many types of wigs to choose from and there's also a lot of companies selling man wigs. There's also a lot of pressure when you are buying your first hairpiece. It's only understandable that you want to get it right the first time. Wigs are not cheap after all and getting a wig is a potentially life-changing event. If you're someone who is suffering from hair loss or baldness, the right wig can give you an instant confidence boost. Below are some tips on how to buy your first wig. 

Choose a wig type 

There are basically two types of wigs, natural and synthetic. Many experts believe that natural is the way to go because synthetic wigs are already out of fashion. So if you want to keep up with the times, a natural wig is a natural choice. A natural wig is made from 100% human hair. You need to make sure though that it is really made from the pure human wig. Some wigs that are being advertised as natural wigs are actually partially made with synthetic materials. Natural wigs are superior to synthetic wigs because of the fact that they are real. They look and feel real because they are real. Natural wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs but they are definitely worth it. 

Consider the shape of your face 

You need to consider the shape of your face when you're shopping for man wigs. The wig that you're going to get should complement the shape of your face. If you have a round face then you need a wig that will give it some definition. For round and oval faces, the best type of wigs are long and wavy ones. This will give your face the illusion of length. If you have a squarish face, then a shorter wig will help give some illusion of roundness on your face. Some wig stores will be more than happy to point you to the right kind of wig that will match your face shape. 

It should match your skin tone and eyes

The wig that you'll choose should also match your skin color and eyes. If the wig doesn't match your eyes and skin, then it will look unnatural and will look more like a wig than real hair. Remember that the goal is to make the wig look as natural as possible. If you don't know what type of wig will match your skin and eyes well, you can seek the help of a hairdresser or even the sales clerk from the wig store. For those with brown eyes, black hair would be perfect. If you have hazel eyes, on the other hand, then blonde hair is more ideal for you. These are just suggestions though. And if you're buying from a real store, you can always try on different wigs to see which one matches your eye and skin color.

Your lifestyle matters too

You should also consider your lifestyle in your search for the right man wig. If you are a young individual who is active - likes to play sports, workouts regularly, etc. - then you should choose a wig that can keep up with your active lifestyle. You will need a wig that is very comfortable so your performance won't be affected. You also need to make sure that the wig will stay on your head as you run and jump. These kinds of wigs are much more expensive though so you need to be ready to make an investment. If you're not a very active individual and you just want a wig that looks good, then you can opt for a simpler and less expensive wig. 

Customized wigs

Most stores will let you have a customized wig. You can specify the features based on your needs. You can choose the length and the color. You can choose between straight or curly. And of course, the fit will be based on the measurement of your head for a secure hold. Just ask any store about their customization process and they'll be happy to walk you through it for sure.

Indeed, there's a lot of pressure that comes from buying man wigs. But if you follow the tips above, the task will be much easier. 


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