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A Guide to Make You Know about Toupee Tape

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Make or break your Hair Replacement Game

Toupee tapes are very famous because of how easy they are to use and the convenience it gives. It allows fast, simple installment and removal of toupees along with effortless cleaning as well. Toupee Tapes are available in a vast variety of strengths to give you the hold and flexibility to manage the duration of the hold of your hair replacement system.

Toupee Tape Essentials

Scalp Protector Serum

 Toupee Tape

 Water Spray


Preparing Your Scalp

First and foremost importantly, ensure that both the surfaces of the scalp and the hair system are clean and dry. The surfaces to be bonded should be free of any sort of oil & grease.

Remove hair, if any, from the perimeter of your scalp which is going to be the surface of the toupee.

You have to make sure to not wash your hair after you finish the attachment, for at least 24 hours.

Steps to Tape it to Perfection.

Step # 1: 

 You will start by applying a scalp protector, very thinly, on the base of the toupee and your scalp; where your hair system will be installed

Step # 2: 

 Toupee tapes are double-sided tapes, the protective layer will be removed but only from the side facing the scalp and apply it along the shape of your hair, leaving the hairline. You cannot put the tape on your hairline, it has to be approx. 1 inch back from your temples and natural hairline.

Step # 3: 

 Peel off the other side of the protective layer of the tape.

Step # 4: 

 Place the toupee on your head, where you would like to place it and roll the toupee back on the perimeter of your scalp, be very careful with this step as the hair on the toupee should not touch the adhesive.

Step #5: 

 Make sure the toupee is fully secured on your scalp. Press the taped area on to your scalp and smooth out any wrinkles or any uneven areas.

Step # 6:to escape i

 Now just give your new fresh hair, a light mist of water or conditioner, which will help the toupee to stay supple for long.

Step # 7: 

 Finally, comb or brush your hair to blend it with your hair.

Toupee Tape Attaching Tips

People use Toupee Tapes and bonding adhesives in many ways. Here is a list of some of our favorite tips that are proven to be very helpful to help you achieve the strongest bond with complete and utter finesse.

1- Make sure your scalp is properly cleaned, shaved, and prepared for the adhesive.

2- Don’t overdo the toupee tape, use enough to keep it intact.

3- After you shower or workout, the bond may seem to get weaker. Expect it to loosen in presence of the moisture. Avoid touching it then and wait for your body to cool down it will harden again.

4- Always leave a little space between the tape and the edges to allow moisture and water to dry and not get oily if you are wearing your hair replacements for a longer period.

5- By spraying alcohol lightly on the scalp will enable you to have better hold on the tape before it bonds with the scalp or the hairpiece.

Leaving Gaps Between each lining of Tape

People who use this tape and have oily skin and extra oily scalp are advised to leave gaps between every two linings of tape. What is does is create a small breathing barrier which helps with shampooing and sweat.

In case you put extra tape for extra security, make sure to rinse thoroughly and that all the cream has been cleaned and released from the hair replacement system.

How Long Tape bonding can last?

This is purely a preference-based question. Some people wear their Toupee, intact, and strongly bonded for around one and a half months but many people prefer to tape their hair systems daily. If your skin is excessively oily and you sweat the tape will stay strongly intact for 3-7 days easily. In case your scalp is dry, it will stay strongly bonded for a much larger period. Lavivid recommends the customers to do a proper cleaning and regular removal after every 2-3 days. To keep your scalp and Toupee clean is very important for your skin and hygiene.

Some Common Questions with Toupee Hair Tape

Does which side of tape I stick to the skin matters?

We know that both sides of the tape are sticky but yes it matters which side you stick on your skin as the side designed to go on the skin has a stronger hold on your scalp. Usually, this is told in instructions of the tape and the hair systems.

Why is Alcohol Slide Important?

Alcohol slide is used to enhance the control over the tape attachment. When you are prepared to attach the tape onto your scalp, by spraying alcohol lightly on the tape and the base of the toupee- this will allow you to place and set the hair system on its place. The tape will return to being sticky and tacky and will hold the toupee on its place perfectly and securely after alcohol dries. 

Where to find the best Toupee Tapes?

Now as you know all you need to know about toupee tapes. To make your experience of toupees the ultimate best, Lavivid offers many different types of tapes from giving you bonding of several weeks to allowing you to have daily replacements. Whether your scalp is oily or dry, sensitive or combination skin, Lavivid has got you covered. We acknowledge that finding the right tape can make or break the hair system look so we give you options for your Toupee to look seem-less and natural all at very pocket-friendly rates starting from just $7!

Be carefree about the bond of your Toupee Tapes and Check out our collection to pick the one that suits you the best at: Any questions when you use it please feel free to contact


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