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LaVivid Thor French Lace Hair System for Men and Its Properties

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If you are looking for a breathable hair system, then read on. LaVivid Thor French Lace hair system for men is a full lace toupee and air can go through, so your scalp can breathe freely.

 french lace system

Check the magnified picture of the base of Thor on the right. It has millions of holes on the base and that’s why your scalp can breathe. With a base like this, the hair is knotted onto the base hair by hair by hand. So can you imagine how many knots there are in this whole 8’’x10’’ size of base? A hair system like this requires at least 2 weeks time, 8 hours a day, to finish.

In the front hairline part, a single hair is used and single flat knot technique is used which makes the front hairline much more natural. Double hair is knotted onto the base to make one knot in other areas of the base.

Another to mention is that for dark colors like black, brown, the knots in the front hairline are bleached while other area is not bleached. Don’t think it is better to have the knots bleached. The reason why the front hairline is always bleached because we want to make sure the knots are unnoticeable. So you can wear your hair backwards and expose your hairline. However, bleaching can make the hair fragile and more likely to have shedding problem.

Hair Length

For our Thor stock hair systems, the default hair length is 6’’. This length is enough for all the short hairstyles for men. If you want to have a long hairstyle like a man bun, then this one is not long enough.


Hair Density

The hair density of Thor is 105% which is a medium light density which works for any age from 20s to 70s. Young people can choose a higher density of hair, the elderly need to choose a more sparse hair density

 hair system density

Replacement Period

Replacement period  refers to the time that one unit is worn out and needs to be replaced. For Thor, the replacement period or lifespan is 4-6 months and this means that you need to buy 2-3 pieces a year. The price for Thor is $289, so that is $500 - $700 a year.


Hair Wave

The wave of Thor is in 30mm rod size. With a wave like this, it is very easy to be styled to the fashionable hairstyle you want.

 hair unit wave curl

Hair Color

Thor has about 64 colors ranging from black, brown, blonde, gray, to white hair colors.

 gray hair toupee

Care and Maintenance

Compared to skin hair systems, if you use glue to attach a lace hair system, it might be a little messy when you clean the base.

So you can use tapes to attach lace hair systems and it will be easier to be cleaned up. One thing before you attach a new lace hair system is that you need to use acetone to clean off the layer of conditioner on the lace base which stops the tape from working. So, if you skip this step, tapes won’t bond to the lace base.


Customer Review

Want to see how a first time hair system wearer say about our Thor hair system? Check below video out. It can be a little difficult when you first wear a hair system. Check Csaba’s experience and decide whether you want to start this journey.


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