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How to Choose A Hair Loss Solution for Male?

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How do come up with a hair loss solution for male? Nowadays, the age of having hair loss problems become younger and younger. Do not worry, Lavividhair will solve all your problems about hair loss and baldness.

Hair loss and baldness are common afflictions in modern society, which can lead to great pressure on people and even inferiority. So what should a person do if he loses his hair or goes bald, and what are the solutions? What are the pros and cons of each of these solutions? This article is for you to answer, please choose according to your own needs.

Drug treatment: There are only two internationally recognized drugs for treating alopecia, one is finasteride, which is used to inhibit the action of androgen, and the other is minoxidil, which is used to dilate blood vessels.

These drugs have been localized several years ago. Good results can be achieved for most patients in the early and middle period of alopecia.

Advantages of finasteride:

1. Finasteride was originally used to treat prostate diseases, which can inhibit testosterone secretion from testicles. If patients take it persistently, it can prevent alopecia and promote hair growth. For patients with early androgyny, it generally has obvious effects.

2. The price is cheap.

Disadvantages of finasteride:

1. There are side effects, which vary from person to person, some people have decreased sexual desire and sexual ability, some people will suffer from depression.

In the first 12 months of preparing to have children, you must stop taking the medicine.

2. The symptoms are not the main cause of hair loss, and the drug will relapse soon after stopping.

3. For serious baldness, the effect is not good.

4. It is not suitable for women patients.

Advantages of minoxidil:

1. It has an obvious therapeutic effect on early and middle androgen alopecia.

2. The price is not expensive.

Disadvantages of minoxidil:

1. The effect is slow, and most of them need to persist for at least half a year.

2. It has no obvious effect on the forehead, but a limited effect on late period male baldness.

3. You should keep on taking this for a long time. After stopping the drug, your hair will quickly and violently take off, and when it is used again for the second time, the effect will be discounted.

4. Minoxidil containing propylene glycol will cause dermatitis symptoms such as itching, redness, and swelling of skin for most people.

5, women can only use 2% concentration, more than this concentration will easily lead to hirsute.

More hair loss solution for males.

Customized wigs---Advantages: The effect is shocking. Many hair loss stars can only be maintained by wigs.

Disadvantages of wigs

1. The use process is troublesome, and it needs to be worn, cleaned, and sorted every day.

2. To a certain extent, it limits the freedom of life, and swimming or other strenuous exercises can easily reveal flaws.

3. Not proofed against wind and rain.

4. Long-term wearing may cause scalp allergy and dermatitis in some people.

Hair transplantation

Advantages of hair transplantation: Transplanted living hair is real hair! You can grow and shape your hair by yourself.

Disadvantages of hair transplantation:

1. For male baldness, resources and survival rate are limited. Hair transplantation is essentially a process of removing the eastern wall to make up the western wall. Hair is bald from the back occipital region and transplanted to the top of the head.

However, the resources of the back occipital region are limited, and the bald area on the top of the head is constantly expanding, so the second or even the third operation is needed until the resources of the back occipital region are no longer available.

At that time, there are many scars and sparse hair in the back occipital region. The most public case is Rooney, a British football genius, who has experienced two hair transplants and exhausted the resources of the occipital region. After two ups and downs, he finally succumbed to the bald gene.

2. The hair that grows out is stagger. Hair that can survive after hair transplantation can't grow as orderly as the original hair growth. After the shedding period is over, the newly grown hair is not only curly but also the growth direction is messy.

3. Hair transplantation will leave a large area of permanent scars in the hair-taking area.

4. Hair transplantation is too much expensive.

5. There is a risk of failure in hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a minor surgical operation, and there is a certain risk of failure because of the differences in the physique.

All these for your references, think of a hair loss solution for males, it is good for you, my dear hair loss patient!


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