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The Guide to Teach You How to Care for Your Hair System

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Caring and maintaining your hair system in the correct way is very important to have a nice and fresh look with your hair. Today Ivan will be sharing some tips for caring for your hair systems and advise some caring products as well.

My name is Ivan and I am a licensed hairstylist in West Hollywood. I use, install, cut and color hair units and I've been wearing mine for a good two years now. I've been using a company called LaVivid hair for a year now. So far this is the best hair I've found that works for me and my clients. I live in Los Angeles and there are a lot of hair stores around here. A lot of times I found that these hair pieces were lasting me a month and a half with a price anywhere from 250 to 300 and it just wasn't making sense for me to purchase these units at such a high price and have them last so little so fast forward to a year. After wearing my first unit from LaVivid, I really fell in love with their products with their quality.

They have such a wide variety of products. I am a hairdresser and I see clients for hair units every week and I have a lot of different needs. I am really looking for a place that can really accommodate my clients’ needs. You can find me on Instagram @lahairreplacement @xxivanxx.

Next I am going to demonstrate what products I use to style my hair. So I wash my hair about once or twice a week. What I do a lot is spraying it down with a mix of water and conditioner to kind of deconstruct the style once it's been in for a few days and try to start from scratch with the style.

So if my hair is either wet from the shower or damps from the water and conditioner, the first thing I like to do depending on the look I want to go for, if I want a more blown out and like a soft look, I'm going to use a product called BIOLAGE.

I've tried a lot of leave-in conditioners and I've tried dry conditioners that are like a spray and I've tried oils. I've tried a lot of different things so far. This is the one that I like the best. The reason I like this is that it makes the hair very touchable like it's not stiff.

Extensions do dry out after a while. It's just the name of the game. There's nothing you can do about it. It's just what it is so what we can do is to find the products that are going to try to keep it moist and more realistic looking.  

If I want a textured look I use this product which is going to give me a little bit more of a grit.

It is going to give me a soft hold but this is more for the person that wants to kind of just wash their hair put something in it and let it air dry and just let it let it do its own thing. So this one does define pretty well.

Then it comes to the brush. This brush is specifically for detangling hair. I use this for my clients ranging from long hair to units to everything in between this is my favorite brush.

So I spray the leave-in conditioner and I brush it gently. Remember if you pull from the root it's going to be very aggressive on that hair so you want to be gentle with it you have to be super gentle with units. Then you grab your blow dryer on medium heat and low setting. It does take a longer time but the lower the setting on the blow dryer the more control you're going to have. Using the brush and blow drier to get your hair to the style you want.

Once the style is done and if I want to put any definition into it, I use a styling cream or a paste that's a medium hold. I don't like to use anything too stiff on the hair because it is going to make it very stiff. So this is what I use this is Paul Mitchell. It's a very soft hold and it is a matte finish. I think when we make these extensions or units, they are too

shiny and they tend to look a little fake. So I like a more of a matte finish. I grab a little bit and I start working from the sides. It's very important to style the sides to blend in with your natural hair.

If I want an extra layer of hold I'm going to use a light hairspray. So this hairspray is very soft to medium hold. Super stiff hairsprays are going to make your units dry out. So use something very light very gently.

It doesn't have to be this hairspray but this is what I like because it is a very soft hold if I don't like it, I can brush it out and this smell amazing as well.




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