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A Must-seen Article about Base Choosing before Purchasing

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Many customers leave messages to us recently, some of them are new, while some of them are not. They all want to know what kind of base material is the most suitable one. Here is a brief introduction of different kinds of base material which I hope can give you some guidance. 

For the lace base, we have different thicknesses. The thicker it is, the more lifespan it has. And also, the skin base is easier to remove and clean than the lace base. If you are totally new to this, it would be great to start with a skin base. Many customers want to know which one can have a more natural-looking especially frontal hairline area. Actually, both of them can provide you with a natural hairline, just make sure you choose the right contour shape and apply the unit correctly.

For lace base, it is definitely breathable than skin base. If you work out and sweat a lot, or you live in a city where has a humid climate, lace base is the best choice for you undoubtedly. About the durability, some people might think lace bases have a longer lifespan than skin bases. That’s correct, but not all. Indeed, skin base under 0.06mm thickness might be more fragile and vulnerable, but those over 0.06mm even 0.1mm might have the same lifespan as lace base. 

For lace and skin combo, we have many ways that they can be combined. You can choose one material with another perimeter, or you can have a cross-section shape. It depends on your personal habits and you can even go with our custom order, which means you can decide how these two materials are going to be combined.

If you have any questions about products, please email us:

We would love to assist you to get more info and pick the most suitable hair systems. 


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