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The Introduce about What Is A Lace Toupee

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What is a lace toupee? Let’s talk about every detail of lace toupees. At present, lace toupee is one of the most popular toupees for men. Many people would like to search for a lot of information about toupee before buying them. But various types of toupees will be misleading the customers and make customers difficult to decide.

Lace toupee

As we all know, lace is a kind of smooth fabric net with dense small holes. A lace toupee is made of a lace net at its bottom and hooked by real hair. It can let your scalp skin breathe and cover your baldness completely according to the size of your hair loss.

Toupee’s advantages

1. Breathability

A lace has many tiny holes on it, which an achieve ventilation effect, thus greatly reducing the degree of scalp sweating and helping the skin breathe. This kind of toupee is very perfect for men who live in a tropical area or the summertime. Especially for sweating men who are crazy about working out or doing sports, a lace toupee is their best choice.

2. Comfort

The thing that a toupee wearer would consider first is whether the toupee has a top-wearing comfort level. If a lace toupee is uncomfortable to wear, it will not be loved by people no matter how well it is done in other aspects.

The lace toupee is smooth for touching, light to wear, and it makes people not even feel that you are wearing a toupee on your head. At the same time, it can fit the scalp without hurting the scalp, so it is very comfortable to wear.

This is also one of the main reasons for the popularity of lace toupees wearing.

3. Natural appearance

The natural appearance is the proudest feature of men’s lace toupees. They will tie every hair to the holes in the lace individually and make hair swing freely in any direction, giving a feeling of growing from the scalp, and make the toupee looks more natural and attractive.

Not only for that, this feature can provide more opportunities for hairstyle design. You can comb your hair at will. You can comb your hair forwards, center points, three to seven points, or even backward. There is no problem at all. There is no need to worry about the deformation of men’s toupee. I thought now you can have a brief introduction of what is a lace toupee.

Lace Toupee Classify

Of course, men's lace toupee can also be divided into different types, the most important of which are 3 main kinds, the difference is that the size of the lace used is different.

1. Full Lace Toupee

A full lace toupee is entirely made of lace, and it has the greatest breathability and diverse shapes. You can try a lot of hairstyles, and you do not have to deal with stubborn and disobedient hair.

The hairnet of full lace men’s hair toupee can be worn without glue. If you use glue, it will ooze from the lace mesh holes, thereby reducing adhesion ability.

2. 360-degree Lace toupee

A 360-degree lace toupee means that the wig is surrounded by lace, while the center is made of other materials without meshes. But its breathability is still good because there are laces all around, it can still provide a natural hairline. Don’t worry about the net bottom being too obvious to be seen when you are wearing it.

3. Front lace toupee

The front lace toupee only has lace on the front hairline. The advantage of these men's toupees is that their hairline looks very natural. You can separate your hair to one side without worrying about the bottom of the net is visible.

However, because its hairline only has a mesh cover, and the rest is made by machine, the front lace wig is not as breathable as other lace toupees.

Now, you should be familiar with what is a lace toupee by knowing its advantages and classifications. When you have the problem of wearing a lace toupee or you are suffering from hair loss so that you need a toupee to cover your baldness. You had better read my introduction of a lace toupee, have a full understanding of it, and choose a suitable toupee for yourself.


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