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How to Use A Human Hair Toupee to Make A Sliver Fox Look?

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For people in their silver years, they dont like grey hair coming out one by one and they dye the hair trying to cover it up. However, todays trend is not covering it up but let your gray hair shine to achieve a super cool silver fox look.

Looking fantastic right? Does it come to your mind that this is not his own hair but a hair system?

Christopher has male pattern baldness and his hair is thinning on the top but still healthy on the sides and the back. Christopher is a hairstylist himself and he knows how to apply a hair system and style it to look natural. He is wearing LaVivid Eros hair system in color 1B80 which is Off black with 80% gray hair.


Eros is a full poly base with 0.03mm ultra thin skin. Among all the different base hair systems on the market, Eros provides the most natural looking front hairline ever. Especially for people who are concerned about the natural looking hairline or a perfectionist, we recommend you choose our Eros hair system. No matter how you zoom in the hairline of the picture, you wont notice there is any disconnection or anything that makes you feel it is a hair unit.


See? It blends in with your own skin just perfectly. Not only the base is ultra thin, but also it is super transparent and people can see your scalp through it.

Eros has micro-thin skin all over the base. The thickness of the base only measures 0.02-0.03 mm. It creates a super comfortable skintight feel on the head and you wouldn't notice it while wearing it. The hair is v-looped throughout and the knots are totally invisible.

Eros has about 60 different colors for your choice ranging from black, brown, blonde and gray hair and its price is only US$279. You can place order directly on lavividhairs website below:

Any questions please feel free to contact us by We are very willing to help you solve your problem.



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