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All best hair pieces for men and their details

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You man haven’t left with plenty of hair on his head? Nothing to worry about. The hairpieces are here that will make your man as dashing as you want him to be.

Hairpieces have been one of the most common items that are used to style your hair and make it look according to your desire. Mostly hairpieces are used in the film and drama industry to get into a specific character and adapt to the personality of one’s role. But sometimes hairpieces are used just to improve one’s overall appearance and to boost confidence. There are many types of hairpieces and they have very difficult and confusing names, but here, we only discuss a few major types of hairpieces that are specifically used by men. 

Types of hairpieces for men

Men are more likely to go bald as compared to females so hairpieces are very frequently used by the male population. Hair loss increases with the age and the process becomes fast as a man reaches age over 35. This can cause anxiety and low confidence among males. One of the solutions to this problem is using hairpieces. It improves your appearance and gives you the confidence to look your best in public. 

Out of all the difficult names, there are three main types of bases upon which your hairpieces are made. These are:

Fine mono mesh: it is the most durable material to make hairpieces from. it is breathable and lightweight. It is a beginner’s friendly base and easily wearable without any difficulty. Monofilaments are used in this base that is very fine in structure to ensure a soft and lightweight texture. 

Poly skin graft: it is made up of skin and synthetic material to make it look and feel more like natural skin. This material feels like skin it is smooth and soft in texture. It is used to give a smooth appearance to your headpiece without making it look too fake or detectable. 

French or Swiss lace:  it is lightweight and breathable. It is completely undetectable. In this head type base, the head is still visible which prevents that fake look of any headpiece because it is very realistic for your head to be visible sometimes. 

There is a type called custom headpieces that are used by men those are:

1.Full head: custom sizes are used to make this hairpiece because a perfect fit for your head is required in this type of hairpiece. In this type of hairpiece usually heat resistant material is used. The material used to make this headpiece is the same as toupees.  In this type of hairpiece, even the color match and grey hair ratio can also be considered to make it look as natural as possible. As the name suggests itself it covers all of your head leaving no uncovered space. 

To start the process of making this type of headpiece one must have a proper map of the head. That provided the next step of selecting the raw material or base for the headpiece. Usually, the type of bases used is French mono. French lace and Swiss graft the combinations of these bases are used in the manufacturing. The density of the hair decides what type of base should be used. If the hair is dense, a more durable base is required so you can say that the denser the hair the stronger or more durable the base is needed to prepare the headpiece. 

2.Top of the head: this type of hairpiece only covers the top of your head so, only the bald spots on the top would be covered. There is no such restriction that only a specific type of material can be used, all the famous materials are useable in the making of this type of headpiece. It covers the top of your head giving a fuller effect to your hair. It is more suitable for those who have bald spots restricted only to the top of their heads. These can be worn permanently for like few weeks using special glue or tape that comes with it. This saves so much time from wearing the headpiece on daily basis and boosts your confidence. The requirements for the manufacturing of this type of hairpiece are the same as that of all others. Have a proper template of the head to start the work. Either your old hairpiece can be used as a sample or the actual head sample can be used too. It improves the quality and ensures that the hairpiece is accurate for the certain size and shape of the head. Three types of base materials are available for the production of the hairpiece French lace, fine mono mesh, and poly skin graft. The poly skin graft is not used in the full head type hairpiece but can be used on top of the head type of hairpiece. 

The most common headpieces used by men should be the ones that suit them best and makes them feel more confident about themselves.  Because instead of worrying about the judgment and unrealistic expectations of society one should only consider the validation from oneself as you are the only person who will have to stand for yourself nobody else would stand for you. 


The demand for hairpieces is increasing day by day. People are more confident about wearing headpieces in public as compared to in the past. Many celebrities and artists use headpieces and now even the common man is using them to boost confidence and to improve their overall appearance. Men are more susceptible to hair loss with increasing age so they use headpieces more often. The types that are commonly used by men are French lace, Swiss lace, poly skin graft, and fine mono mesh. Different types of colors and grey hair ratios can be applied to give the headpiece the most natural look possible. The hairpiece has came as a blessing for those who are in the need of this as they are running short of their head’s hair. Mostly men are more prone to baldness, that is why they are in more need of hairpieces. 


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