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Something You Need to Know about Our Adhesive Removers at Lavivid

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Men who regularly wear hairpieces or toupees are very dependent on the state of their hair systems when it comes to their appearance and style. People spend a lot of time and money experimenting and trying different looks until they achieve something that they are comfortable and confident in. Once the investment is made, you need to make sure that you partake in the proper steps required to remove, clean, and treat your hairpieces.

There are several ways to attach your wig to the scalp. Regardless of the type of adhesive material you use, upon removal, there will always be some residue left behind that needs to be appropriately treated. The adhesive remnants on both the scalp and the hairpiece can be frustrating to deal with and often end up ruining the hairpiece if not treated with the proper care and hair system adhesive remover 

Guidelines To Help You Remove The Adhesive Properly 

Using the proper cleaning products, as well as taking the proper steps to clean your scalp and hairpiece, greatly influences the appearance and the longevity of your hairpiece. Here are some guidelines and tips to help you achieve the best treatment regime for your hairpieces.

· Let it seep! Allowing the remover or solvent to sit and absorb into the adhesive layer will automatically loosen it quite a bit. It will then be quite easy to clean off.

· Use a soft, smooth microfiber towel to clean the hairpiece. Ensure that the towel is lint-free and clean, especially when cleaning the residue that is embedded in the lace.

· Wash your scalp with warm water and shampoo. Take further steps to ensure your head is free of any adhesive residue by using other recommended products.

A clean scalp and hairpiece will make it easier for you to attach and style it. By using these tips and guidelines, your hairpiece will remain fresh as new. 

Cleaning Products Or Solvents 

Hair systems companies always offer solvents or removers along with the hairpiece itself. You should look into trying different ones and stock up on the ones you like. We at lavivid hair have different removers as well as other treatments for you to stay on top of your game! 

1) Citrus-Based glue Remover: 

Citrus based removers are commonly used to remove glue from hairpieces. They are amazing solvents with natural ingredients that help you remove the residue without exploiting and drying out the scalp. Most citrus-based removers come in the form of sprays. They can be easily sprayed on the desired area and can be handled easily. 

Walker’s C22 is a citrus-based spray solvent that is known for its fast timing and efficiency. 

Just lay your hairpiece flat, the base side facing up, and spray the solvent on the residue. Let it sit for a while before wiping it all down with a soft, clean towel. You can also just rinse it off and then dry it using a paper towel. 

2) Lace release- adhesive remover 

Another solvent that works wonders when it comes to removing adhesive residue is alcohol-based removers. This is great for people who avoid using products with an oil base. They are used in the same manner as the citrus-based solvent. However, these are much lighter and are more appropriate for delicate bases such as lace or mesh.

Walker tape- lace release is a non-oily solvent. It is more suitable for removing glue from delicate lace or mesh. This, too, comes in a spray bottle. 

3) Leave-in Conditioner  

Another accessory that we offer in our store is a leave-in conditioner for your toupees. It is a moisturizer that can be left in once applied to the hairpiece. Any frizz or irregular texture in the wig will smooth out after application. This conditioner is safe for applying to any hairpiece regardless of any treatment such as dying or heat styling. Keep in mind that this product does not equal a rinse or wash. The hair needs to be washed, shampooed, and conditioned properly. Once the hair is partially dry, you can then apply some of the leave-in conditioners to achieve a fresh flowy look. Remember to not over apply the conditioner. A simple spray or two will be enough. 

Maintain A Consistent Cycle  

The best way to improve the life span and maintain your toupee's freshness is to be consistent. Cleaning and treating your hairpiece regularly will ensure that your hair system stays in good condition.

Any residue leftover time will not only damage the hairpiece but also affect your scalp and hair. It will also affect how nicely the hairpiece sits atop your head. A clean piece means a stronger bond. To further implore the point, the residue will absorb into the wig itself, ruining the hair; over time, it will turn black and gross, ruining the hair.

When you start wearing a hairpiece, it will at first be a bit challenging to take proper care and use the proper techniques during treatments. But, by reading up on and taking help from the website guidelines and the descriptions provided with the products, you will soon learn to treat your wigs in the best way possible. Remember, a clean toupee will last longer and ensure that your investments don't go to waste. It will also be good for your scalp and your overall look. By using the proper hair system adhesive remover, your hairpieces will always remain clean and fresh. 


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