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Could I Dye A Ombre Color for My Hair System?

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Ombre hair color for men is very popular nowadays but it is considered to be a salon color. However, the truth is we can make it possible on a hair system. Whether it is blending color of multiple shades, highlighted color, lowlight color, ombre or balayage, we can make all of them happen with a hair system. We can do this because we have our own color expert who has years’ experience and he has gifted awareness with hair color.

What is Ombre?

An ombre is a hair coloring technique where the hair transitions from deeper roots to lighter ends which are usually bleached or colored, giving it a look of strong transition. It is an extremely stylish and great choice for men.

This is a beautiful hairpiece we have just finished. The hair has around 2’’ long cool toned brown color as the root and around 4’’ white blonde color.

Hair System Base

For the above specific hairpiece, the base we use is a combined base of 2’’ lace in the front and skin in the back. The front lace gives you a natural looking hairline and the skin in the base makes the hair system very durable.

If you are not a fan of this base, that’s totally ok, because we can make this beautiful ombre hair color with any base that you like. Whether it is a full poly base, full lace base or combined bases, all can carry this ombre hair color. It will become a custom order though.

If you want to have a hair system color just like this or you want to create some stylish look, contact us at and we will help you create your dreamed hair system.

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