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How to Find the Professional Hair System in Los Angeles?

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It is not surprising that some people spend hundreds of dollars on a gorgeous hair system but the hair unit is ruined in a hand of an unprofessional hairstylist who doesn’t have any experience in men hair systems. Applying a hair system and cutting it requires the hairstylist to know a lot of knowledge of hair systems and have a lot of experience in fitting in hair systems. 

Here at LaVivid, we recommend a great hairstylist Ivan Castro. Ivan is based in West Hollywood California. Ivan is a licensed hairstylist with 6 years of experience, two years in wearing and fitting in men hair systems to people. Quote Ivan ‘I believe that a hair unit should be discreet, look natural and not like a unit. Any style color or cut. There is a fit for any age and lifestyle. My location in West Hollywood is private and one on one with the client.

In the picture on the left, Ivan is wearing LaVivid Oceanus hair system in 1B Off black color. While on the right, he is wearing LaVivid Mirage hair system in 613 Platinum blonde color. However, what you see in the right picture is a beautiful color that Ivan dyed himself.

Bradys Experience with LaVivid Hair System and Ivan

Brady contacted us firstly on our Instagram channel @lavivid_hairreplacementsystem. We helped him pick the right style of hair system and the right color. Brady then took the hair system to Ivans salon and get it applied and styled.

Here is a feedback from Brady My buying experience with lavivid has been wonderful from the consultation phase to finally get my system applied. They recommended a hairstylist to me and I just had my first unit ever put on by Ivan at Lahairreplacement and it turned out fantastic! He is a great stylist and teacher. Thank you for all the wonderful work!!


If you are living nearby and look for a hair system fit in service, contact Ivan through Instagram channels below:

Here at LaVivid, our goal is to provide our customers with recommendations of salons and hairstylists all over the world, so they can get a professional fit in and they can look good with lavivid hair system. We are working hard to seeking for professionals and train them to do this. Find more info on LaVivids salon shop page

If any questions please feel free to contact lavivid by, we will do our best to help you.


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