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Are All Hair Systems Easily Detectable When Touched?

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Hair problems are prevalent these days. That's why baldness or hair loss causes stress, concern, and fear in many people. People who have lost their hair typically feel insecure and humiliated about how they look and feel. Hair replacement systems are now a permanent solution for baldness and thinning hair.

Hair systems are becoming increasingly popular as a way to restore your hair to its original form, undetectable and entirely natural-looking as if it were your hair.

After wearing a hair system for the first time, every new wearer worries that someone will say, "It's not your hair." They are confused, believing that anyone can identify the hair system. No, this is not always the case. Some hair systems cannot be detected visually or even by touch.

As a result, several hair systems are available on the market to match your needs. Because many manufacturers are now producing hair systems that match your skin tone, making them completely undetectable.

Hair System Type 

Now the question is whether or not all of the hair systems on the market are detectable when touched. No, not all hair systems are easily detectable when touched. This is because each hair system's base material differs. Before we compare different hair systems, which are undetectable or not, let’s take a closer look at the base material of the hair system.

Undetectability necessitates the use of delicate materials.

Naturally, anyone new to hair replacement wants a completely undetectable system to the naked eye and is highly durable.

The heavier and thicker a base material is, the more durable it is. A broader base will last longer than a delicate base, but the front hairline will not be unnoticeable if you make a style that is combed away from your face. 

When you touch the hair system when it's connected, you can feel the thickness of the base. The less resilient the base material is, the more fragile it is. Disposable lace and polyurethane skin are the most delicate base materials we use.

Comparison Between different Hair systems 

The skin Vs. Lace systems 

They're both excellent options, with a more typical monofilament base. Even though it is a more long-lasting solution, it will not be ideal because the material is thicker and more easily identified by wandering hands.

The Skin base is barely 0.08mm thick and appears to disappear when adequately connected to a person's scalp practically. It's transparent, so even if you're being examined closely, just your scalp will be seen. The feather-light ultra-thin Lace alternative is similarly unnoticeable when fitted. These alternatives are so thin and fine that even if someone ran their hands throughout your head, they would not really feel anything.

To withstand the examination of wandering hands & prying eyes, you'll need to select a proper base material that is ultra-thin & invisible to sight or even touches.

Clip Hair System vs Glue Hair System

A clip-on hair system uses clips to fasten the hair system to your natural hair. If anyone touches this system, it is clearly detectable. The tape or glue hair system, on the other hand, is always connected to the scalp. It is attached to your head by using tape or liquid adhesive. The essential feature of this system is that it is entirely secure and remains unnoticed even if it is touched.

Custom-made vs Stock hair system.

customized hair system is developed by molding or measuring your head and then hand-crafting it strand by strand to match your precise hair density, hairline, and color. A custom-made hair system is a superior alternative for providing a more natural unnoticeable appearance because everyone has their own unique hair loss pattern and head shape. 

A ready-made stock hair system can be purchased from the market at any time. But it will almost certainly need to be cut to your desired size; this act will reduce the hair system's estimated lifespan, and as well as it will reduce the variety of options that a custom-made system offers. On the other hand, your hair replacement stylist may still trim, color, and style your hair system to fit your preferences.

FAQs About Hair System Attachments

Which hair system is almost undetectable?

The best option is the ultra-thin Lace system, which is feather-light and virtually unnoticeable when worn. If someone ran their hands over your head, they would not really feel anything.

Is your selected undetectable hair system long-lasting?

The base material determines it. The base material for a system to be undetected, especially to the touch, must be incredibly thin and fragile. The less robust the base layer is, the more fragile it is.

What should you do if you want a long-lasting plus undetectable hair system?

Some choices combine durability with a more natural appearance, such as using a more substantial lace base only in the front for a natural-looking hairline.

Is it possible to feel the hair system when it's on your head?

When you wear it yourself, there is a small lip on the front of the scalp. But you get used to it and will not notice it when you run your fingers through it. Thus when the hair system is on the head, you will not feel that whatsoever.

You don't want anyone to notice that you have a hair system. What can you do to avoid this?

Today, hair systems are so sophisticated in terms of technology and artistry that they are nearly unnoticeable. Manufacturers can even utilize a base material similar to that used in contact lenses, which is so light and breathable that it appears as if the hair is sprouting from your head. Hair replacement specialists can match any scalp color and hairline based on your images.


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