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The Perfect Solution for You Who Suffering from Thinning Hair!

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The very first thing that you need to do after you start finding your hair everywhere is to see your doctor and find out the reason behind it. Most of the time, the treason behind why your hair is getting thinner each day is male pattern baldness; and once it starts, it is almost impossible to stop it. It also depends on how severe the hair fall is and if your baldness has matured or not. 

The factor of maturity might play a significant role in how you should be treating your hair fall. Nonetheless, there is no permanent solution to male pattern baldness, and once you start shedding hair, you are bound to get bald! Other than male pattern baldness, there are some other factors as well that can trigger your hair thinning hair and can make them even lighter. Some are: 

Physical Stress: Having a stressful and busy routine might be contributing to your thinning hair! So, take a step back and focus on your well-being for a while!

Mental Stress: If you notice that your hair has started thinning, one thing that will make this situation worse is worrying too much about it. Take a deep breath, see a doctor, and find out the underlying reason behind it because that's the only way you can deal with your thinning hair properly.

What Solutions Are Currently Being Used and Are They Effective?

Thinning hair has been making men's life a living hell for more than a century. If we look into our past, we can see that our great ancestors have been doing some remarkably effective remedies to treat hair fall, but even today, there is no permanent solution for this traumatic experience. 

Sure, you can find some medicated shampoos, pills, and lotions, but these products are merely going to delay the process. Hair fall is generally caused by an imbalance of chemicals, and there is no magic potion that is suddenly going to balance the level of chemicals. Another drawback of using these products is how consistent you have to be! Most of these lotions and serums take over a year to start working and, once you stop using them, your hair will return to its previous condition and sometimes even worse! 

Amid all these men's hair thinning solutions, one solution has stood out over the past decade and, it is non-surgical hair replacement systems. This procedure does not only give you your hair back but also comes with almost zero side effects and a 100% guarantee to work! 

Non-Surgical Treatment:

Modern-day non-invasive hair replacement systems are now also known as hairpieces, wigs, and toupees. They are made up of a base with hair sewn on it that can be fixed on the top of our head to conceal baldness and sometimes just bald spots. These products can be attached to the scalp with the help of skin-friendly adhesive, tapes, or clips. It mostly depends on the user and how comfortable they are using the product. Hairpieces, wigs, and toupees let the wearer live their life comfortably and as 

Generally, as they would with their natural hair, you can shower in them, sleep in them, and do everything you would in your typical day! 

Base Material

One of the most important decisions while getting a hairpiece is to choose a suitable base material for yourself that suits your hairstyle and the atmosphere you live in. This decision deeply affects the durability of your hair system because not all hairpieces are meant to be worn during working out and swimming or in humid weather. It is essential to discuss your needs with your hair specialist and find the perfect match! 

Hair Quality

One other thing that you need to be concerned about is the quality of your hairpieces. You might find a lot of companies selling these hairpieces at ridiculously low prices, but no matter what you do, they can never provide you with the realism and perfection that you are looking for. 

These cheap pieces don't only look fake but are also not durable at all. Some of them might give you a very unrealistic hairline, while others will start tearing up as soon as you wash it. You must find a good quality hairpiece that will suit you just the best and, Lavivid is the perfect place to look for one! 

Care & Maintenance

After you have gotten yourself the perfect piece for yourself, the most important part begins! Finding a hairpiece that suits you perfectly is not enough to flaunt an amazing look but taking care of that hairpiece is the real challenge. Always ensure that you wash your hair system once a week if you are wearing it regularly and use the products only recommended by your hair specialist. 

Another particularly important thing that you need to be considerate about is not to use a lot of heat while styling. It might not make a lot of difference if you do it once in a while but, if you style your hair regularly, using too much heat can severely damage the shine of your wig. 

Most of the people looking for men's hair thinning solutions often end up going for hair replacement systems since these systems genuinely let you live a carefree life without any drawbacks. Visit our amazing catalog at and, you will find yourself looking at the most exquisite hairpieces that you can find out there!


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