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Something You Should Know about Lace Toupee Manufacturers

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To have basic knowledge of lace toupee manufacturers is helpful for our lace toupee choosing and judgment. Here is some basic knowledge about manufacturers below:

Toupee material classifications: At present, the most widely used hair in the market are Chinese, Indian hair, Brazilian hair, and European hair.

Chinese hair: Chinese hair is the hair with the largest amount of raw materials for toupee making at present. With a quite large population, Chinese hair is adequate and touchy hard. It can be bleached and dyed after being treated with acid and can be decorated before being shaped. It is very popular in America and Europe.

Indian hair: Indian hair is soft, not as straight as Chinese hair, with small wavy curls. It is easy to break after chemical treatment, and it is not so easy to get styled.

European hair: The color of European hair is close to the local consumer market. At present, S is the most expensive raw material. The hair in Europe is soft, not suitable for bleaching and dyeing, and post-processing, and is directly used for hair extension.

Chemical fiber silk: chemical fiber silk is a supplement to human hair raw materials. Chemical fiber silk is divided into low-temperature synthetic fiber, high-temperature synthetic fiber, and protein silk these three kinds.

Low-temperature synthetic fiber: Low-temperature synthetic fiber is a kind of filler used for human hair bangs, which can keep unchanged when heated at 270℃. This kind of silk is used for setting and reducing the raw material cost of human hair bangs making.

The disadvantage of Low-temperature synthetic fiber is that it is very flammable, and it will block after burning.

High-temperature synthetic fiber: High-temperature synthetic fiber can keep unchanged below 270 degrees, which can be used for making hairstyles.

Protein fiber: It is the raw material closest to human hair and feels closest to human hair. It is often used as filler in high-end wig products, and it can be automatically flame-retardant after burning. In the product restrictions of many countries, it is explicitly required that fake hair can be flame-retardant, and tragedies caused by wigs have occurred in many countries.

Toupees belong to the light industrial manufacturing industry and the hair products industry. The hair products industry is divided into craft clockwork, men's hair toupee, women's wigs, mannequin head, chemical fiber hair, etc. Wigs are divided into human hair, chemical fiber, and human hair mixed with chemical fiber. 

For lace toupee manufacturers only know the material of hair is not enough. They also need to know more classifications during lace toupee-making processes.

The hair material is divided into chemical fiber and real hair. The chemical fiber has poor fidelity, feels itchy after wearing, and easily reacts with the scalp. However, the price is cheap and the shaping effect is lasting a little longer. The toupee made of real hair is made of real human hair, which has high fidelity and not easy to knot, can be dyed and ironed. It is convenient to change hairstyle and has a high price and poor qualitative effect.

Wig and hairpiece. A wig can be worn to cover your scalp on the head, which is convenient to wear, firm, large in the coverage area, and wide in application. A hairpiece can be customized with different shapes and sizes according to different needs, with strong randomness, high fidelity, and good breathability.

Machine-Weave hair or hook hair depends on the production materials.  Machine-woven hair is always for a mass products order and low price. But the authenticity is not ideal, heavy, poor breathability, easy to block hair follicles. It is easy to knot. Hand hook hair is made with high fidelity, good breathability, and comfortable wearing, but the price is relatively high.

From the process point of view: semi-machined hair toupee, full lace hair toupee, Jewish wigs, front lace hair sets, hairpiece, lace toupees, MONO wigs. Classifications on uses: doll hair, anime wigs, holiday wigs, ladies wigs, men's toupees.

Most lace toupee manufacturers obey the regulator’s rules during the making and sell process. Because of the imperfection of the network supervision system and the huge profits of fake hair replacement systems products, the high-level swindlers and professional swindlers on eBay and Amazon are well packaged. Therefore, everyone must be cautious when they want to choose a suitable toupee. 


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