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How to Use Hair System Adhesives?

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Hair systems are growing in popularity every passing minute, and it's because they are the only effective solution when it comes to dealing with hair loss. But due to increased popularity, it is important to be aware of different ways of attaching your hair system if you decide to invest in one. This way, you won't have to wait for an appointment from your hair expert and save up a lot of money since you will be doing it yourself!

It is also essential to learn the most effective and clean way to do it if you want to enhance your hairpiece's natural look. The adhesive you choose to go with depends solely on the kind of lifestyle you lead and what atmosphere you usually reside in. There are different options for warmer climates while other preferences for colder surroundings, which can make a lot of difference on the comfort level of wearing a hairpiece. You will have to be able to accurately mount and detach your hairpiece in order to maintain proper hairpiece maintenance and lengthen the lifetime of your hairpiece.

The secret to appreciating the hairpiece on a regular basis is to pick the right adhesive. Choosing the correct one helps you to do almost everything while carrying your hairpiece: the possibilities are endless, from partying all night to surfing. So, it should be no surprise that choosing an adhesive can initially be a stressful task. hair piece adhesive for men seems to be a matter of personal preference, and not everyone can react the same to one adhesive, and this only adds to the whole challenge of choosing the correct one.

Since there are a number of options available in the market right now, the only appropriate and logical way to find the perfect one for you is by doing experiments and finding the right one that suits your scalp perfectly. Now, this may sound incredibly challenging, but with the right information, you are most likely going to find the suitable adhesive for yourself in 2-3 tries. And the first step towards that is to be aware of what you want and what you are looking for in terms of the duration of wearing your hairpiece.


A great way to keep your hairpiece in style is to use Tape-ones. This tape is not like your everyday tape. It comes with sticky residue on both sides, and it has just the perfect strength to keep your hairpiece in place the whole day. It is the perfect choice if you are looking for an adhesive solution that lets you take your hairpiece off before bedtime and put it back on the next day!

Semi-Permanent Adhesives

A semi-permanent adhesive is suitable for people who like to wear their hairpieces for a longer period of time. This gives you the freedom to sleep in your hairpiece, take a shower, give it a wash and do absolutely anything while you are wearing it!

Permanent Adhesives

A permanent adhesive is more suitable for people who have gone completely bond and now are looking for an alternative for their natural hair. If you choose to go with this, you can easily wear it for up to 8 months without worrying about the hairpiece moving an inch from its place!

How To Find A Risk Free Solution?

If you have a sensitive scalp or are prone to allergies, it is best to go with the risk-free option since you will be wearing these hairpieces for a very long time, and any kind of irritation will turn your experience into a very bad one. Hence, make sure to check all the aspects and ingredients before investing in an adhesive and always do a patch test before you mount the hair system on your head. It is also a good practice to always go with the recognized brands like Lavivid and take advice from your hair specialist since every hairpiece is different from others in some ways. Your hair specialist can guide you better in what kind of adhesive will suit you the best. Keep in mind that adhesives are the main and the most prominent factor when it comes to keeping a natural look.

Some Tips That You Should Keep in Mind

Even though you need to keep in mind a lot of things when it comes to applying adhesive, below are some of the most important things out of them all!

· Before you apply adhesive on your scalp, make sure to clean it properly and ensure that there is no leftover residue.

· When it comes to liquid adhesives, it is best to use thin and even coats or tacky ones.

· If you feel like you might need more than one coat, make sure that the previous coat is all dried up before you start applying a new one.

· Always make sure that you apply the adhesive on the scalp and not on the hairpiece because that will make it more challenging to mount on your scalp!

You can achieve a perfectly stunning look by keeping some of these things in mind, and when it comes to a recognized brand for hair piece adhesive for men, nothing is better than the products available at!


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