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Best Grey Hair Pieces for Middle-Aged Men with A Balding Head

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Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition that is reported to be the leading cause of baldness in men. 95% of average men start losing hair in their early 30s. In some cases, the severity is quite intense, and they end up going bald at quite a young age. However, it usually starts a bit later; Most men start noticing a receding hairline or thinning temples by the time they hit their 40s. Greying hair and a receding hairline hitting occurring at the same can be pretty traumatizing, especially for men who are conscious about the way they style and look. Regardless of the common notion, grey hair is nothing to be ashamed of or hide. Embracing your mature age can make you look a whole lot more handsome and dashing by adapting the right things in life. 

More and more people are getting into the silver fox's look. Grey hair is no longer considered 'old' or 'mellowing'; instead, people are now embracing their greying hair and styling them just right to appear worldly and mature. While the grey hair gives you a unique charm, the receding hairline or a balding spot? Not so much. A method that is practiced by a vast majority to hide any hair loss or signs of aging is called hair replacement systems. It's an affordable and practical option for those seeking out a healthy hair look. 

Types of Hair Replacement Systems for Balding Scalp 

A hair replacement system is a hairpiece designed to stay on your head for extended periods. These hairpieces, also called wigs and toupees, are made for both men and women. These hairpieces are now the best solution for hair loss conditions. These come in many shapes and forms ranging from textures, colors, length base material, and the hair fibre itself. 

Hairpieces come in both natural and synthetic hair fibre. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is made from a mix of polymer and other synthetic fibre. This hair tends to seem a tad bit unnatural if not worn right. They are, however, a lot cheaper and can be swapped easily just after a couple of uses. Synthetic hair is more practical for people such as cosplayers and small-time uses rather than people who intend to wear a hairpiece for extended periods. 

Human hair

Human hair wigs are more efficient, and of course natural-looking, they are, however, a bit more pricey than synthetic hair wigs. Moreover, unlike synthetic hair wigs, human hair wigs can be treated, dyed, and styled just like your natural hair. Natural hair also lasts longer and is more sturdy than synthetic fibre hairpieces. It is recommended especially for men to use natural hair wigs since they are easier to achieve a natural look with. 

The Best Guide For Men With Grey Hair

By the time most men cross their 40's, they are suffering from a lot of hair loss. And although their greying hair can be styled to look charming, the receding hairline or thinning hair takes away from that. The best solution to keep your mature grey hair while maintaining a full head of hair. Or in some noted cases, bald men who wanted to start wearing a hair system but a dark hair color seems odd with their signs of ageing choose to wear a mixed greying color for their hairpiece. Choosing a men’s hairpieces human hair grey will help you achieve the best look for your age.

Before you go on to buy your grey hairpiece, take a look at these guidelines we offer for you to achieve a comfortable and natural yet handsome look at your age.

1. Density

The very first thing to consider when it comes to getting your grey-haired wig is the density. By the time you're greying, it's pretty unnatural to have full dense hair. You need to ensure that the hair toupee you choose has the appropriate density ratio that looks appropriate to your age and style. A slightly less dense hair will look appropriate and healthy on men of middle age. 

2. Ratio mix

Even with dyed hair, it's unnatural for it to be all in the same color. When you get your wig, the best outcome will be a mix of black, white, and different shades of grey to achieve the proper look of highlights and undertones. A mixed ratio of different toned hair will ensure that your hair looks as close to natural as possible, and you won't look like a tacky 45-year-old with an unnatural wig. Men’s hairpieces human hair grey are difficult to look to secure, and you need to do it right to achieve a dashing style. 

3. Length and texture

The last thing you need to take into notice is your hair length and texture. Not only the texture affects your head shape but also your overall look on your health. For example, if you have a large head and you decide on silky smooth hair, there's a possibility that you'll end up looking like you have greasy and unhealthy hair. Similarly, the length of the hair also alters your overall look. Decide on the texture and length of your grey wig according to your age and body type. 

You can get the perfect grey toupee for men at our lavivid store. These wigs are made to fit just according to your liking and customization. You can even get expert consultation to achieve the best possible results.


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