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The Treatment to Men's Hair Loss Issue

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Hair is men's most valuable asset, and losing them can be a very daunting experience for men. It usually ends up making you feel very self-conscious and takes your self-esteem to a new low, effecting your overall confidence in general. As belief is said to be the sexiest personality trait and hair is said to be the best physical feature, and both not being up to the mark can be straight-up terrifying.

Sadly, men experiencing this is very common around the globe, but luckily there are solutions available for hair fall and baldness for men. Now the point is which way to go if you want to restore your crowning glory with minimal effort, pain, and expense.

Over the past decade, we see a shift of interest towards non-surgical hair solutions, i.e., Hair Replacement System as the best option for hair loss for men. But what is the main difference between them and what the deciding factors are and which one will suit you best?

We need to first take a detailed look into both of the most famous procedures.

1- Hair Transplant.

2- Hair Replacement System

All you need to know about Hair Transplant.


Put, in this procedure, we take donor from the part of the scalp which has more hair and transplants it into the bald spots of your head. This procedure is super expensive and has a few limitations to it. We need enough of your natural donor hair to be able to transplant to cover all the bald spots on your head. This is something which makes this solution ineffective for people who have suffered enough hair loss that they do not have enough hair remaining on their head. Moreover, this is a very long procedure and takes several hours to take place. This is also known n to be a painful procedure as you need to have your scalp numb to let your hair follicles be taken out, get dissected and then implanted into a minute incision on the bald spots of your head. Seems painful and highly invasive, right? Well, that's because it is. Even after the procedure is carried out successfully, you still have to give your hair a reasonable amount of time to grow. So this method does not provide you with instant results if that is what you were going for. What it does for you is offer you a satisfaction that it is your natural hair on your head.


1- A natural positive change.

2- Uplifted self-esteem.

3- Growth will continue.


1- Expensive.

2- Hair loss will continue.

3- Prone to infection.

4- Prone to scarring.

All you need to know about Hair Replacement System.

Now people usually confuse these with the old fashioned wigs, which always failed to look real and always ended up being laughed at. Yes, we acknowledge there is still some stigma attached to it. But with the marvel of science, you no longer have to experience that again, as the hair replacement of today so high quality and carried out with such utter perfection that it is almost impossible to detect that it is not your real hair. The changes are dramatic if we compare the old wigs with the new hair replacement options, from the designing to the manufacturing everything is carried out so professionally that final hairpieces are precisely like natural human hair.

If we have to talk about the procedure of this method, it is quite simple and painless but can be technical. You have to find the right hair replacement system for yourself to be able to pull it off with perfection. There can be many reasons for your hair loss and many of them can be lasting life long and might have no way to grow the hair back, so the only option they have is to go for the best hair replacement for hair loss for men. The process includes you getting the hairpiece going to the professional or anyone who has significant experience of installing these hair systems. There is a unique hair system adhesives which are used to apply these hairpieces. Now the adhesives you use can be of two types depending upon the hold you need if you want to have it on for a very long time or you are someone who would want to remove it often. The best feature you get with this procedure is the customization. You can play around with what you want to have and have precisely the desired look you want.

As this procedure is very pocket friendly, versatile, and gives you a lot of options to choose from this is widely used among men.


1- It gives you an instant result.

2- Has zero side effects.

3- Non-invasive and painless.

4- Uplifted self-esteem.

5- No fear of any more hair loss.


1- Not your real hair.

2- Needs Maintenance.

3- You have to buy your hair systems twice or thrice each year.

To Conclude.

In the times we live in hair is not just a feature; now it is a luxury. Now we understand how everyone's requirements from their hair procedure are different. Some men would want their real hair to grow while others would wish to a more long-lasting heavy and fuller authentic hair look. But what we will recommend you is that hair replacement system is the option you should try first, as it is reversible and not very expensive so believe us on this, it is worth giving a shot!

Now for the best hair replacements for Hair Loss visit Lavivid hair to know your options to get the most luscious, fuller hair. 


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