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Best Hair Loss Treatment For Male

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Do you know what are the causes of male hair loss? Generally, people lose a few hairs a day, which is totally normal, especially compared to the large amount on the scalp.

This happens due to the natural process of growth and renewal of the locks. However, when the man notices an increase in the amount lost daily, it may be a sign that some more serious problem is happening.

Hair loss, known as baldness, is referred to in medicine as androgenic alopecia. Alopecia means hair loss, and androgen refers to the influence of male hormones in the process.

Many people think that baldness is a problem in males only, but in fact, permanent hair loss affects women equally. The difference is that since baldness in females is usually less intense and therefore more discreet, it is more easily camouflaged.

In this article we will cover the causes of baldness in men and the treatments available.

Hair Life Cycle

Hair has different characteristics and growth velocity at each body site, which is easily noticeable when comparing eyelashes, hair, pubic hair and beard, for example. The scalp has an average of 100,000 strands of hair, with an average growth of 1 to 2 cm per month.

hair life cycle

Every day we lose approximately 75 to 100 wires. Depending on the time of year, life stage and environmental factors, this loss may be even greater. The hair life cycle is divided into 3 phases:

1 - Anagen or phase of hair growth. It lasts on average from 2 to 3 years and can reach up to 7 years.

2- Catagen or involution phase. It only lasts a few weeks, on average two or three. At this stage the hair stops growing and the follicle begins to regress.

3- Telogen or detachment phase. Lasts 3 to 4 months. The hair comes loose from the papilla and a new phase of growth begins.

As the new hair grows, the old "dead" is pushed out of the hair follicle and falls out. This process of growth and death occurs throughout the body at different speeds for each type of hair. Those that take a long time to grow end up falling before they get big. This cycle explains why some hair never exceeds certain sizes and why the hair on the head rarely exceeds the waist line, even if it is never cut.

Causes of male hair loss

When hair loss in men becomes frequent, the reasons need to be investigated. Check out below the main ones!

Hormonal changes:

This problem can also be caused by disorders of the endocrine glands, such as the thyroid and pituitary gland, which deregulate the body and make it difficult for nutrients to travel to the hair follicles.  It leads to hair loss finally.

Bad eating habits:

Poor diet causes numerous health problems for both men and women. After all, a malnourished organism does not perform its functions properly and can end up becoming one of the main causes for hair loss. In addition, a diet low in protein and other nutrients leads to the development of anemia, immunity problems, and other conditions that aggravate the condition.


Trichotillomania is a disorder characterized by the repetitive pulling and pulling of hair. This excessive traction - which can be directly linked to depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress - ends up creating larger areas of thinner or even hairless hair.


Best Hair Loss Treatments Available For Men

l  Minoxidil in topical solution (approved for men and women).

l  Oral Finasteride (approved for men only).

l  Hair Translplant

l  Wigs And Hairpieces



Minoxidil solution for direct scalp application improves hair loss by increasing the time of the anagen phase and stimulating the growth of miniaturized follicles. The results take at least 4 months, being more pronounced at the apex of the scalp and smaller at the frontal region. The treatment is for life. With the interruption, hair loss returns.


Acts by inhibiting 5 alpha-reductase and consequently prevents the formation of DHT;

Hair loss blocker: It is considered a supplement and is rich in many nutrients such as iron, zinc, biotin, folic acid and others. It is a way to help with hair nutrition.

Hair transplant:

Permanent improvement of androgenic alopecia can be achieved through hair transplantation with follicular units, which is currently the basis of surgical treatment of baldness. The ideal candidates for hair transplantation are patients with stable, medication-controlled androgenic alopecia who want permanent improvement and have a suitable transplantation hair reservoir.

In this form of treatment, the surgeon removes the hair follicles from the occipital scalp (posterior part of the scalp where there is still hair) and transplants them to areas affected by baldness. The transplanted hair will retain the characteristics of the occipital scalp donor site, which is relatively resistant to androgenic alopecia. Transplanted hair therefore tends to remain large-caliber hair.

The major disadvantage of hair transplants is that they are expensive and painful.

Wigs and hairpieces

In some cases, hair loss may be long term. In others, men may prefer a non-surgical way to treat hair loss. Wigs and hairpieces provide a means of masking hair loss.

Other therapies include meetings with specialists. Several companies specialize in hair treatments for men. They often offer services to help design the best course of action to take and tailor treatments based on a man's individual needs.

With a hair system, you can perfectly avoid the side effects of medicines and the pain coming with a hair transplant. It is totally non-surgical. Two hours time of cutting and styling, you can get your lush hair back. It can look just like your own hair and you don’t need to compromise your lifestyle by wearing it because you can wear it practically when you do anything like sleeping, showering, exercising, and more. It is quite affordable too. The price for different styles ranges from $100 to $200 and with correct caring one piece is enough for a year.

hair system before and after

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