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Best Hair System Tape

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Choosing the best hair system tape that doesn't affect your skin and hair doesn't have to be complicated. We have mentioned some hair system tape that works for different purposes. In this article, you will be able to choose the best hair system tape according to your unique needs. So, you should read complete information about hair system tape. All the reports done by our professional hairstyles can assist you with selecting a tape based on your needs, such as specific period and skin type like oily or sensitive skin.

So, get started and read carefully about the best hair system tapes. 

How To Choose the Best Hair System Tape? 

First of all, you have determined how much time you want to wear a wig according to the time period; you will select hair system tape easily. 

(1)Daily wear

A daily wear tape is a low-tack tape used to bond your hair system and remove it daily. You can select according to your routine. That is the safest and secure hair system tape, which is specially designed for short-term use. It can remove instantly without helping others and never damage your scalp. This is the most popular day-to-day tape type, mainly used for lace base wigs made of poly perimeters or thin skin bases.

Hold Duration:

1-5 days

(2)Extended wear

If you choose extended wear tapes, you use this for an extended period and last for 2-3 weeks. Its durability depends on the adhesive, and it can also easily hold on for a long time when the skin type, lifestyle, and maintenance are perfect. This works perfectly for more than day-to-day wearers but is suitable for maximum time duration. 

Remember, this type of tape is only recommended when you use red liner tape on the traditional skin bases and then attach your extended-wear tape. Red liner tape provides extra comfort and strong adhesive, and it will never break down like extended-wear tape. 

Hold Duration:

2-3 weeks 

(3)Maximum Wear

This is best for those who need to wear a wig for a maximum time than extended wear. If they do not want the longest bond and reapply unites under 3-4 weeks. 

Hold Duration: 

2 – 5 Weeks

Important Variable Before Buying a Best Hair System Tape:

Here we explain skin that you should consider before buying the best hair system tape. It's essential to consider because the tape's durability depends on skin textures. How much time do they hold up easily? 

Oily skin

It's important to choose adhesive according to your skin type. So if you have oily skin, it has a maximum chance of breaking down and does not maintain a strong grip due to its greasy and oily texture. For example, if you use a 4-week long period adhesive and have oily skin, it may go for only 1 week. So use a strong grip hair system Tape that works well for oily skin. Before using the tape, you must apply red liner tape before extended wear tape to not damage skin and is easy to clean up. Here we enlisted some strong hold hair system tapes available in the market that are 

  • Stick-It
  • Ultra Hold
  • Supertape

Sensitive skin

We also have great options for sensitive skin that are safely applied and removed without causing any allergic reaction or other issues. So, if you find a bond for a hair system that suits your sensitive skin, choose only those bonds or tape which are specially manufactured to medical-grade or hypoallergenic standards. These are dermatologist tested and best for sensitive skin; otherwise, in other cases, if you have any problem, immediately contact the best consultant. 

  • Stick-It (medical grade)
  • No-Shine (hypoallergenic)
  • Duraflex (hypoallergenic)

Shine free

The next term is shine-free; if you select tape for bonding with a lightweight and low density that enables you to see the tape shining through the lace base, go for it. It's best for a light-density hair system. So, here are some tapes that are specially designed with low density and no-to-low shine. 

  • No-Shine (hypoallergenic)
  • Blueliner ( lace front support) 
  • Ultra Hold (low shine)

Various Size of Hair System Tape 

Hairpiece tape comes in different varieties of size and style. These tapes have various widths, lengths, and strips. Such as a contour tape mostly used for the front hairline or back hair pieces system. 

Basically, tapes come in the form of rolls that vary for both width and length. The rolls type strips or tapes enable you to cut off according to the area of the hair system which you want to bond. So, in short, the rolls can be customized and come with widths of 3/4″ and 1″, and in lengths of 3 yards or 12 yards so, you can purchase them for lots of applications. 

What is the lifespan of a hair system tape?

If you buy a branded, high-quality hairpiece tape, it can last for 6-10 months. A tape or solid adhesive needs to be replaced or reattached generally every 6-8 weeks, but it totally depends on usage, maintenance, and your lifestyle; it really affects durability. 

Which is better, wig tape or glue?

According to experts, choose a hair system tape rather than glue because it is easy and lacks installation. It takes less time to install than glue. And the main advantage is that it has high longevity as compared to glue. 

What are the variables you should consider before buying a hair system tape? 

Before choosing the best hair system tape, you must consider below important factors are including

  • Tape type ( daily wear, extended-wear, maximum wear) 
  • Tape material ( thin skinny, poly perimeter, or lace) 
  • Skin type ( oily, sensitive) 
  • Density ( low to no shine) 


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