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Introduce of Best Treatment for Men Dealing with Baldness

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According to the surveys taken over the last decade, more than 16% of teenagers in America suffer from unfortunate hair loss conditions. Premature hair loss appears more in Caucasian males than any other race. According to scientists, more than 80 percent of hair loss conditions are hereditary and are caused by hormonal imbalance. 

This hereditary condition is known as male pattern baldness. According to analytics, pattern baldness doesn't occur well into the thirties except for a few unlucky cases. Hair loss is oftentimes ignored or even unnoticeable until suddenly it is very obvious. The first thing to do when you discover untimely hair loss is to see a doctor. While most of the time it's just genetics and hormones, there could be an underlying reason for the excessive hair loss. Some illnesses, as well as some medications, can cause significant hair loss. Seeing a dermatologist will help clear the conscience as well as help you decipher your next steps for men’s baldness treatment. 

What Can Cause Male Pattern Baldness to Trigger Earlier than Expected 

While the condition itself is genetic and is usually passed down in the family, there could always be a reason that hair loss starts occurring at a very young age. Even suffering from androgenic alopecia, teenage is still very soon for it to start. There is a possibility that there is a lack of important nutrients, or there could be certain habits that might be triggering the genetic condition.

The very first reason for male pattern baldness is, of course, the excess hormone itself. Androgen is a hormone responsible for damaging the hair follicles, and excess in both parents can cause baldness to occur early on in life.

Any stress or mentally exerting situations can also cause disbalance to the androgenic hormones resulting in hair loss. 

How To Treat Androgenic Alopecia At A Young Age 

According to scientific research, there is no permanent cure for male pattern baldness. The process can certainly be slowed down but cannot be stopped completely. There are, of course, medications that will help control the hair loss and might even help grow it back a little bit. But the result is always going to be a bald head as hair fall is self is a natural process that comes along with aging.

People have been dealing with hair loss for the entire history of human existence, and even now, there are very few treatments that will help you deal with hair loss properly. Some medications are consumed orally or applied to the affected area. A well-known method of dealing with hair loss is a hair transplant. Many organic remedies can help with men’s baldness treatment. All these treatments are known to work, but they do come with many setbacks and risk factors. 

● Prescribed and over-the-counter drugs 

The most common drugs for hair loss are Minoxidil and Finasteride.

● Minoxidil

Rogaine a topical drug that can be found at any drug store or pharmacy. It is applied to the affected area and comes in a foamy ointment form. 

● Finasteride

This is a prescribed tablet that is consumed orally according to the doctor’s recommendation.

While both these drugs are known to work, they can take almost up to a year to show any results. Moreover, they also come with side effects, and it's a long-term expenditure.

● Hair replacement systems 

Unlike the other options hair, replacement systems lack all the risk factors. They are also an amazing non-invasive and non-medicated way to cover up hair loss. Moreover, the knowledge that the medications are not going to work permanently is incentive enough o not invest in them. Hair replacement systems are a fitting and affordable way for men’s baldness treatment. 

Why Are Hair Replacement Systems The Best Treatment for Baldness 

The most prominent factor in hairpieces is how natural and undetectable they are. They also enable you to shower, swim, and do all of your usual everyday activities while wearing them.

Hair systems have been used for hundreds of years. What we used to refer to as wigs has grown with technology and are now referred to as hairpieces. They come with a variety of features. They can both replace your hair or help you cover up thinning hair or partial hair loss. 

In recent years, the use of hairpieces or wigs has grown tremendously. People don't like using medications or getting hair transplants anymore. Rather they now prefer to get customized wigs that will help then cover up any significant hair loss as well as give instant results. 

Before you invest in a hair system, you need to know some details and aspects to get the perfect hair system to cover up your baldness.

● Base Fitting:

Your comfort while wearing a hair system depends entirely on how properly it fits. The base should be contour and fit snugly on your head without any moving space for it to have a strong grip.

● Price point:

There are many different wigs available in the market that vary in price. The price depends on many factors, from the material to the length and density of the hair. Get the hair system that befits your finances the most.

● Visual Aspect:

To get the hairpiece most natural to your hair, you need to take in the visual aspects of it. Match the color and texture to your natural hair, and make sure you get the proper length. 

Visit our online store at lavividhair to get the best hairpieces for men. Our hairpieces won’t only cover-up your hair loss but also provide a natural and charming look.


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