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What Factors Would Influence the Male Toupee Prices

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Many people think male toupee prices differ so much, still non-surgical ways to prevent your baldness probably cost customers thousands of dollars to purchase and know nothing about the detailed price and maintenance expenses.

It is hard to get the detailed cost of a toupee, so we only need to know how much hair replacement systems and toupee costs. I am supposed that you are glad to know the selling prices and how to get a friendly price of a toupee. That is why we are going to have an insight into the toupees.

When mention hair replacement systems for males, price plays a key part when men choose it. It is much cheaper than hair transplantation. Also, hair transplantation needs a long time course to plant hairs in a scalp. In the period of transplantation, the patient needs to take medicines and cannot work out. But if you wear a toupee, all these have gone. Steps you need to do are choose, purchase, fix on, maintenance.

Here are some factors affect the male toupee prices:

1. Collection hair quality

The domestic toupee industry’s making source hair are from China, India, and DPRK. The collection hair color from China and DPRK is dark brown. These two countries’ hair is of the intermediate quality, so the price of these two kinds is not so high, ranging from 180 USD to 200 USD.

2. The toupee’s scalp quality

A toupee is not only looked nice by its hair but also by its scalp skin. The high-end scalp is almost the same as a real person’s scalp, even if you observe the toupee very closely, you can not tell whether it is a real scalp or not. It is easy to see your scalp in a net shape if you wear a cheap toupee. There is also a price gap between the prices of high-end toupees and ordinary toupees with the different scalps. The gap of male toupee prices is in the range of 200 to 300 USD

3. The hairstyle

This will also have a certain impact on the price of a toupee, just like when you go to a barber, different barber have different price with their professional hair cutting style skill, especially the perm and dyeing of the hair. Female should be more aware of this than males.

After discussing the above factors, we are sure that you will be satisfied with how portable and cost-effective is to wear a toupee instead of taking hair transplantation as a long-range solution.

The toupee is also made of four different textures and materials. Each type is made for people who have a different appetite and have a different purchasing power range for people who have different incomes affordable to them.

The four different materials are:

1 A lightweight and breathable lace, price is ranging from 150 USD to 250 USD.

2 Skin for a transparent and realistic hairstyle, price is ranging from 120 USD to 450 USD.

3 Monofilament material for easy maintenance and durability, price is ranging from 190 USD to 350 USD.

4 Silk base material for vivid scalp look, price is ranging just above 200 USD.

Therefore, we can figure that we have many available choices at a wide price range from 120 USD to 450 USD or more. That is to say, everyone can afford a toupee and you can wear it at the moment you buy it.

There is a quite perfect thing maybe you ignore all the time, you can own many toupees for your hair design and it will save you much money on hair transplantation.

All males throughout the world are fighting with hair loss which is caused by aging, medical treatments, out-of-date lifestyle, and genetics. By focusing on the male toupee prices, we can tell many professional tips and methods to help us find a suitable toupee in the range of our budget.

If you choose the toupee at a lower price, please buy more than four toupees for change every 15 days. If you choose a high-end toupee, it means costs a lot of money, you need to take more care of the expensive one and take maintenance carefully.

People include male and female all love beauty, and have the right to purchase a toupee to make them beautiful.


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