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Buy the Best Women Hair System with LaVivid Hair

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LaVivid hair is famous for its hair systems for men but men toupee is not the only product that LaVivid Hair offers. You also can find a good hair loss solution for women which is a women’s hair integration system. 

Hair Material

It uses the best quality Asian Remy human hair and it has two length options and they are 14’’ and 16’’ long. For Remy human hair, the hair cuticles are still intact and the hair follicles are facing the same direction, so it is not easy to tangle. 


The base is around 0.10mm thick full skin. So it matches with people’s scalp color and it is also very durable.

It uses a lift injection technique, so the hair is injected into the base and is almost 90 degrees vertically against the base. It looks just like it grows out of your scalp. It is very natural and flows well. 


The density is 120% medium density and it is a good amount of hair for women. Usually, women use 120% or 130% medium density hair which looks just right. 

Base Size

The base size is 7’’x9’’ which caters to most women’s needs. Also, it can be cut smaller if needed. 


It has several colors available and they are naturally black 613 platinum blonde, and a rooted color called 8T25. 

Contact if any questions about this gorgeous hair system.


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