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Can I Wear Grey Hair Toupee to Look Awesome?

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Can a grey hair toupee also look awesome? The answer is definitely yes. People choose a grey hair system for at least two reasons. The first reason is that they have grey hair for their natural hair and they need a grey hair toupee to blend in with their own hair. The other reason is to create a super fashionable look with a grey hair replacement system.

To Blend In with Your Own Grey Hair

A lot of people start to see some grey hair in the sides above their ears as they age, especially after they turn 30 years old. If you have grey hair on the sides and the back, especially if the grey percentage is more than 40%, it is a bit weird if you wear a total black or brown hair toupee on the head. It will be very obvious that that’s not your hair because there is a certain and noticeable gap between the toupee and your own hair. So the best way to avoid this is to choose a grey hair toupee that has a similar grey percentage as your own hair.


A grey hair toupee can look fantastic if the haircut and the blending work are done great. People will never tell that you are wearing a toupee because the toupee hair has the same color and grey percentage as your hair.

Grey Color Options

A grey hair color consists of two parts and they are the basic hair color and the grey hair. People have different basic hair colors like black, brown or even different blondes. This is his basic hair color. As he ages, he will start to have some grey hair but his basic hair color wouldn’t change too much. If you have brown hair when you are young, you probably still have brown basic hair color when you are 35 just you will have some grey hair mixed. A hair system also works this way. For grey hair system colors, we have different basic hair colors mixed with different percentage gray hair colors. 

For example, we have 1B10, 1B20, 1B30, 1B40, 1B50, 1B65, 1B80. Also we have 210, 220, 230, 240, 265 and 280. At the same time we also have 310, 320, 330… 410, 420, 430… 510,520, 530…610, 620, 630… and even 1710, 1720, 1740, and more. 

For a grey hair color, the last two digits stand for the grey percentage while the first or the first two digits stand for the basic hair color. For instance, 310 means 90% dark brown hair with 10% gray hair. 3 stands for dark brown color.


To Create A Super Fashionable Look

Grey hair color can be hot. Some people use a grey hair system to create a super edgy look. The below picture is our 60R color and it is 100% silver grey.

Want to get your hair color matched for a grey hair toupee? Contact and our customer service team will walk you through the entire process.


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