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Can I Color My Hair System?

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Have you ever run into the problem of your hair system taking on a slight orange shade for seemingly no reason at all? A lot of people have experienced this. This is common, and it can happen to your bio hair too. Oxidation is the main culprit for hair color fading.

The question is can I color my hair system back to the color it used to be? The answer is yes! We will explain how you can do this in this article.

During the coloring process, remember to avoid getting dye on the hair system base, lace, skin, mono or silk. The lace base can absorb the dye very quickly and this can make the lace shrink, stained and even damaged. This also applies to skin bases.


Prepare the Tools

Here are the tools you’ll need for the coloring process

l  Aluminum gloves

l  A Styrofoam model head

l  Toothed comb

l  Plastic Cup

l  Dry and clean towel

l  Hair dye

l  Leave-in conditioner

l  Running tap water

l  Shampoo

l  A soft bristled brush or comb


Secure the Hair System onto the Styrofoam Head

secure the hair system

Before applying the hair system onto the model head, you can firstly cover a layer of aluminum foil to avoid getting stained. Mold it tightly and pin the hair system onto the Styrofoam head to make sure it is secure.


Mix the color

hair system color chemical

If you’re not an expert, we recommend you take the hair system to a salon so they can dye the hair for you. Sometimes there are certain color formulations to achieve a certain color. Hair dyes allow you to easily change your entire style, and when you begin to understand how these different tones interact, you can dye your hair any color without causing unexpected results.

If you choose to dye the hair system yourself, opt for a color which is one or two shades lighter than the color that you want to achieve. The non-growing hair on a hair system is more porous than people’s natural growing hair and this causes it to hold color easily.


Apply the dye

Begin to apply the dye onto the hair section by section and start from the top of the head and work your way down. Use a comb or brush to distribute the dye evenly. Be careful not to get any dye onto the base. Wait for a couple of minutes to let the dye get to work. If you don’t know how long to wait, check the box of the dye you bought.


Rinse the Hair System

Slowly take out the pins and remove the hair system from the stand. Then rinse the hair system thoroughly under mild water. Make sure the base is facing up towards the running tap water and let the water run through the base to the hair. If you wash the hair with the base face down, the base might get stained with dye.



Dry the hair system

Use a dry towel (dark is best to minimize staining) to absorb the water as much as possible. Next, put it on a hair system holder or stand to let it air dry. Use a wide tooth comb to comb the hair through gently.


So this was the whole process of coloring a hair system. One important note is to keep the dye away from the base to protect the base from being dyed.

color a hair system

When you plan to color a hair system, choose 613 platinum blonde hair color because it is the best color for a coloring process since it is very easy to carry on other colors. From above picture, a 613 color hair system is dyed into the fashionable color on the right.

Here is a video that a professional hairstylist color a lavivid hair system to a super edgy hair color. Check this out. Hope this video will help you color your own hair system. 

Need any help on this or need a nearby salon’s help? Contact us at Our experts will be happy to assist you.

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