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Which Case That I Can Dye My Hair System Hair?

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Many people want to change the hair system hair color. Sometimes because the toupee hair color doesnt match with their bio hair. Sometimes because they just want to make a trendy and fancy hair color. So, can I dye my hair system hair? Well, the answer is Yes and No. Why is that? We will explain this in today’s article.

Yes Situations for Dying Your Hair System Hair

Firstly, the hair system hair is already processed, so it can only be dyed darker. Secondly, if you are a professional hairstylist who is very experienced in dying a hair system hair or you can find one like this, then yes, your hair system hair can be dyed. Please also note that the professional you find not only know how to dye peoples hair but he has to be experienced in dying a hair system hair. Dying peoples hair and dying a hair system hair are totally different.

Ivan is a great hairstylist and he has some experience in hair systems.

He colored the 613 platinum blonde color to the color in the picture on the right. He also added dark roots to the hair.

Below is also Ivans work. He colored 22R color to this beautiful color for his client. I have to say Ivan is a brilliant hairstylist. He did really great on coloring hair system hair. However, this doesnt mean all hairstylists can do this so successfully.

Ivan is based in West Hollywood, California. If you want to consult Ivan about hair system application and coloring, you can contact him on Instagram and here is his channel. Instagram:

NO Situations for Dying Your Toupee Hair

A customer of ours, he has many years of experience of coloring peoples hair. He bought a hair system from us and he was quite confident in what he was doing and he messed up while coloring the hair system. When you color a hair system, you need to avoid applying the coloring chemicals onto the base because it will damage the base and cause the base wrinkle. Thus it is no longer eligible to wear anymore.

All in all, if you know someone who has a lot of experience in coloring hair systems, then you can dye the hair system hair. Also you can only dye it darker. Otherwise, we dont recommend you change the hair system hair color. Instead, you can choose a matched hair system color in the first place.

If you need any assistance in picking a suitable toupee, feel free to contact us at


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