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What Do You Need to Prepare before Swimming with Your Toupee?

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Can I swim with a toupee? The answer is definitely yes. However, you need to make sure your toupee is well prepared before you go swimming. Today we are going to talk about what you need to prepare before you go swimming with your toupee. 

Why Should We Worry About Wearing a Toupee Swimming?

No matter whether you are going to a pool or into the ocean, the water is salty. Chlorine and salt are the things that will hurt your toupee hair and they will dry out the hair which is already short of moisture. Then comes with it the tangling and shedding problems.

Next thing is that if your bond is not correctly done or your hair system has almost reached its deadline for a reattachment, then there is a possibility that the hair system might fall off or edges might lift.

So we need to take corresponding actions to avoid these from happening. 

Use Water-Proof Adhesive

Well, you need to find out the best working water-proof adhesive for you before you go swimming. If you normally use a daily replacement or a short bonding term adhesive, this means that you need to do some experiments at least two weeks ahead of going swimming. There are many different kinds of adhesives that claim that they are water-proof but you need to find out how each works for you. Wear the hair system during the shower several times and check how the bond act. If you dont see obvious edge lifting after several times of showering, then it is good for swimming.


Make Sure the Bond is Ready

After a fresh bond, you need to wait 24 hours time for the bond to cure. During this time, youd better avoid washing, swimming and even heavy sweating. Your hair system bonding needs this period of time to completely work and cure.

Also, there is a product Walker Max Hold Sport that can save this 24-hour curing time. Before you apply the bond, dab on one or two layers of Max Hold Sport, with which you no need to give it 24 hours time to cure, also it can extend the lasting time. It is highly recommended to be used for your toupee application, order the Max Hold Sport from this link:


Condition Your Hair

What can you do to condition your hair? Before you go to the pool or ocean, firstly wet your hair completely with chlorine-free water and use leave-in conditioner to create a layer of protection. In this way, the hair wont absorb as much salt or chlorine anymore. 

Use A Spare Toupee for Swimming

Using a spare toupee just for swimming occasion is actually a good idea. In this case, you dont need to worry about wearing a chlorine damaged hair toupee to some important occasions. For this spare toupee, you can consider using a synthetic hair toupee because if you are wearing a human hair toupee, then the chlorine will cause the hair color to fade a lot. Synthetic hair color wont fade.

Rinse and Deep Condition Your Toupee Thoroughly after Swimming

After swimming, always rinse the hair thoroughly and condition the hair completely. This will help the hair recover a bit.




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