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If the Toupee Could Stay on the Head when Working Out?

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Today I’m at the cross fit gym again doing another video all about working out with a hair system. What things that you can expect. I'm going to show you how hard I work out just to show you once again really anything is possible. You don't have to be afraid of doing anything in life working out, hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding while wearing a hair system.

The workout today is first the first workout is 16 minutes long. Every minute we change moves. The first minute is 12 ghds, the second minute is three ring muscle ups and the third minute is going to be 25 feet of handstand walking and then the fourth minute is rest and do that for 16 minutes. After that, we're going to follow that with a ladder.

When it comes to hair systems, you can really do anything you want. You can do super intense workouts and you can live in the heat and the humidity. I'm in Florida and most of the year it's around 80 to 90 degrees down here. It’s very hot very humid and still just pushing it to the limit. I was getting super sweaty inside of that workout. I mean that was like 30 to 40 minutes non-stop of very intense cardiovascular and weight training. You're pushing those adhesives to their absolute limit and they're still performing once you get the right one for you and you get the right hair system. The one thing I will say though. If you do a lot of exercise and you know you're heating up the bond the adhesive between your scalp and the hair system, you know it is going to be less solid for a little bit until it kind of cools down and what you'll notice is it might slide around a little bit or it could potentially move around a little.

Mine is actually a bit loose. Chemically it's actually a little bit it's a little less solidified right now. I'm pulling on it and you know there's a little bit of give and what I mean by a little bit of give is probably like you know maybe an eighth of an inch that it's pulling back because it's moved around a little but not much at all. It's not anything that I ever worry about as far as it coming off never ever worry about that but it's just a little bit less solid and you know you could potentially like peel your hair system a little bit easier. It is unlikely that you'd ever do anything like this but like after a workout you know if you were to just like completely like try to lift the front of the system up. It's possible that it would allow the front of the system to come up like if you did that in front of somebody I'd recommend you don't you know like grab your hair and kind of like pull it back like there's nothing wrong with running your hands through your hair and it's fine but I don't recommend like grabbing the unit and pulling it up. Other than that though you're going to be fine and you can do anything you want in a hair system.

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