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Can you sleep while wearing lace hair wig?

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Are you also having a wig on your head and you are curious that how you will perform the daily tasks of your with this wig attached? Here we are going to give you confirmation about your curiosities.

Wigs have been in use for a very long to not only give a fuller effect to the actual hair but also allow you to try new hairstyles and hair colors without making any changes to your actual hair. To cop up with the different needs. There are as many wigs available in the market as there are individuals in the society available in the market. the topic of today’s discussion is one of the famous wigs that are lace front wigs. 

What is a lace front wig?

Here is a brief introduction to what a frontal lace wig is. It is a wig usually of the size 13x4 inches which gives greater coverage as it covers the head from ear to ear giving much natural and fuller effect. It is more flexible as compared to other types of wigs. It also allows you to part your hair according to your desire. This particular type of wig is being liked by fashion and hair influencers because of the key benefits it upholds like looking natural and easy to style, however,  it also brings the flexibility of styling your hair. 

In this type of wig, both human and synthetic hairs can be used and usually stick to the lace which then goes all over your head covering it all perfectly like your hairline. this makes this type of wig very unique and special. 

Here are some aspects about a lace front wig that makes it all so amazing and the number one choice of many of us. 

Versatility: as it covers all of the scalps it can be pulled into a ponytail and many other hairstyles. It is more versatile compared to other types of wigs. when it comes to hairstyling making it a favorite choice of many hairstylists all over the world. 

Natural: it looks quite natural when you wear it as it gives a fuller effect to all of the diameters of your head equally not making it look. It allows you to do mid-parting of your hair as well without making it obvious that you are wearing any. In this type of wig individual hairs are attached to the lace base making it a great choice for the customers. if you want a natural-looking wig. Surprisingly this type of wig allowed wig wearers to wear it in ponytails and it was completely undetectable. 

Choice of client: client can choose the type of hairline for his/her wig according to the natural hairline. This means this type of wig is customizable. This is a user-friendly product that allows you to wear it. you can have it in any style you want. 

Strong adherence: this wig is attached with the aid of glue or tape. It gives strong adherence once the glue has been completely got dried. It doesn’t come off and care bear tear and pull. it would not just come off with a single blow of wind. The glue is only applied to the front hairline area so all the other parts are flowy and look natural. Some laced wigs come up with the part called baby hairs so it hides the laced part of the wig making it even more natural. It would hide the attachment area of the wig.

It is less susceptible to tearing, pulling, and breaking as compared to other types of wigs because it is made of different types of materials. It also gives the choice to the customer of what density of wigs they want, with density I mean the density of. It also comes in many hair types flowy, wavy and loose curls, etc. 

Can you wear a lace front wig while sleeping? 

With all the advantages of lace front wigs, a question might arise which is can you sleep with your wig on? Because it saves so much time from wearing it daily, making it easier to prepare in the morning and also boosts your confidence at the night time. The answer is yes, you can sleep with your lace front wig on. But it comes with its drawbacks as well, it can damage the hairs on your wig because of the friction between pillow and lace base, decreasing the longevity of the wig. This also can cause the moisture to lose from the hairs of your wig and make them tangled into knots. With your wig on you will put your scalp at health risk as well from all the pulls making it difficult to get a comfortable sleeping time.  From all the friction and loss of moisture your wig would not be usable for a long time or the maximum intended time. This damage is avoidable if you sleep with your hair covered in silk caps or tie your hair loosely into a ponytail or a bun, doing this would decrease the friction and eventually minimize the damage to your wig. 


The lace front wig is a unique type of wig in which hair both synthetic and human hair can attach individually to the base in a way to make it look more natural. This wig covers the headspace ear to ear giving a fuller flowy effect of hair evenly. It is user-friendly and can be utilized in many hairstyles without it being detectable. This property makes it a favorite of many hairstylists. It is very versatile and less susceptible to tearing and breaking because of the type of material it is made up of. It can be worn while sleeping. Wearing a wig at night can cause damage to your wig and also to your scalp if you do not take proper measures to avoid it like wearing your hair in a loose ponytail and covering it in a silk cap to avoid the friction and moisture loss. Doing so can minimize the damage and allows you to wear a lace front wig while sleeping.  


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