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How to Choose the Suitable Non-Surgical Hair Piece?

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Talking about hair and surgical processes, it's easier for people now to drift towards wearing real human hairpieces rather than going for a long, invasive, and painful surgical procedures to get their hair back. Non-Surgical hair replacement systems have been a very famous choice for quite some time for Hair loss and blandness sufferers, and to think about it, why wouldn't it be? Can you think about having stitches on your scalp and having a possibility of adverse side effects? That, too, after not giving 100% sure that your natural hair will grow the way you want them to. No way, Non-Surgical Hairpieces are undoubtedly the most efficient way to go about hair loss.

Now, as easy the decision is to go for these Non-Surgical Hairpieces, it can be kind of hard to know what kind of hair you want in your hair replacement, with what type of base and texture. Then there are so many types of hairpieces which one to go for, a toupee maybe? Or a complete hairpiece? Or to enhance you're exceeding hairline, but then hair weaves don't sound like a bad idea as well.

So Lavivid Hair will help you explain some aspects of these Non-Surgical Hairpieces, and how successfully and efficiently the hair system wearers can conceal that the hair on their scalp is not theirs. No one enjoys being made fun of, especially about things they are insecure about. Hair falls into that bar as well, so many people, especially men, are uncertain about their hair. Adding to the insecurity, hair loss, and baldness issues make it worse. Being called out for wearing fake hair in no way will make things better for anyone, which is why the Non-Surgical Hairpieces by Lavivid Hair has the essential element of not being able to be detected as fake hair. The hair they use comes from only the best sources which can replicate your hair quickly without you having to spend hours trying to figure out what to do and where to go for to get yourself genuine, high-quality hairpieces.

For starters, let’s figure out the things and factors which gives away the idea of you wearing Non-Surgical Hairpieces:

1. Robotic Neck: This factor is when a person is continuously worried about their movements so that the hairpiece doesn't fall. It can be either to pick something up, turn or entirely freely move their head.

2. Casting a shadow: Hair casting a shadow on the forehead makes it imminent that the hair is just sitting on the head rather than growing out of the scalp.

3. Too much thickness or volume: While naturally, some people have taken on luscious hair, but too much of it can scream fake to everyone around them.

4. Frizzines is a myth: When in humid conditions, where everyone’s hair is frizzy, that person's hair isn’t. It is one of the significant telltale signs that the hair is fake.

5. Cannot show roots: See the origins on the hair part, If the skin doesn't seem like the scalp, it most probably is a wig.

6. Perfect every time: Flawless hair every time cannot be possible, also just by watching if it feels like it has been faceted in real life, that is most probably a non-surgical hair wig.

7. Shiny Forever: Non-surgical hair wigs tend to be extra shiny, not like the conditioner or treatment shiny, but more like plastic.

Usually, there is a misconception that hair wigs are of only one kind, but that is not the case. Here are some types and descriptions of how they are different and how they are better suited for different needs of people.

1. Wigs: Generally, wigs are a single piece that covers the whole head. They are usually better suited for bald or don't have very much hair on their scalp. The hair on the wig can be either natural hair or synthetic.

2. Hairpiece: This is usually better suited for people suffering from here thinning rather than being bald. This is meant to add volume or, in some cases, bald cover patches. Hairpieces also have different types; this may include Toupee. They come with different types of forms for attaching it onto the scalp.

3. Wiglet: This is meant for covering only certain parts of the head for adding volume. For instance, some men start to get hair thinning on top of the lead at the start. This helps give the hair volume and a better look because it has holes for pulling out the natural hair from underneath it.

4. Hair Weave: This method is usually used for styling purposes. It attaches hair extensions to the scalp. As per its name, scalp hair is braided very thin to act as a base for the extensions. They are generally not recommended for hair thinning people because the extra tension can cause the situation to worsen.

5. Hair Replacement: This type is generally designed to be on the scalp for an extended period, be it weeks or months. This hair system uses natural or synthetic hair as per the person’s demands. It is fixed on the head using long wear adhesive.

All of the above mentioned Non-Surgical Hairpieces are available on your favorite Hair Replacement System brand, Lavivid Hair. If you are not sure what to get yourself for your hair loss problem, which hair replacement option will work best for you, get a free consultation from them. 


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