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The Guide of Choosing the Perfect Base for Your Hairpiece

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One of the biggest concerns for men nowadays is hair fall. There seems to be no proven treatment since medical procedures can be costly and frightening without the promise of a solution that will last for a lifetime. However, there is an effective and reliable way to solve this issue. That is the method of hair replacement systems—non-invasive hair replacement, also identified as wigs, hairpieces, or toupees among some people. With enhancements to the products and hair used in the manufacturing of the hairpiece, the name has essentially been given as hair replacement systems. Non - operative hair replacement product lines are modified forms of old and unrealistic wigs and hairpieces. The benefit of hairpieces is that you can wear anything as long as you feel confident. 

Hairpieces are also very practical, extremely comfortable, reliable, and simple to wear, and that is why many people choose to incorporate it into their daily lifestyle. It can be quickly assured that hair replacement systems are one of the procedures that are considered among the best hair loss for men treatments.

Why Is The Replacement System The Best Option For Hair Fall? 

Non-invasive hair solution

The significant advantage of hair replacement systems that include hairpieces and wigs is that it requires no surgery. Methods of hair transplantation have the possibility of medical complications, contamination, nerve damage, and general anesthesia vulnerabilities, and all these risks are not a problem with non-surgical hair replacement systems. A hair replacement system protects you from any suffering and is highly effective as well.

Zero side effects

It will be empty if we put together a list of non-invasive hair replacement system's health risks! It is not vulnerable to any medical health consequences, as it is a non - invasive procedure. There is zero chance of any other health condition, aside from the possibility of a very occasional allergy through the use of not standardized glue. It is a significant advantage of non-surgical hair replacement to have virtually zero health consequences.

Instant results

One other important feature of non-invasive hair replacement systems is that they deliver immediate results. You will not need to sit tight up to five to eight months to get noticeable results, like surgical hair implants or pharmaceutics. Putting a hair replacement system in place is very systematic and straightforward and gives efficient results.


Hair transplantation procedures are irreversible. There is not much you could do about that if you are not happy with the surgery outcome. It is the most prominent drawback of a surgical hair transplant. On the other hand, non-invasive hair replacement systems are short-term. This means that if you are not satisfied with your hairpiece or do not like it, you can take it off or choose a different one. 

Guaranteed results

Hair replacement systems provide assured outcomes. Regardless of the reasons underlying the hair loss or the severity of the baldness, a non - operative hair replacement system tends to work for anyone. Meanwhile, surgery will not be viable in some instances of voluminous hair loss, and even if it does, it will not provide the expected results.

Not dependent on the donor's hair

Hair transplantation is a medical treatment where hair follicles are transferred to a bald spot of the scalp, and these hair follicles are usually donated by a donor. It can be quite hard to find a donor with hair that matches your hair's unique texture and shade. Contrary to that, modern-day hair replacement systems do not rely on a donor, making it the perfect choice for people with hair fall issues,

More affordable than surgery

The increasing costs are one of the primary drawbacks of hair transplant surgery. A medical hair transplant operation will cost up to $15,000, and the only option available is yet another hair transplant if you're not happy with the results. No insurance covers hair transplants so, and it can be very costly unless you are very wealthy.

What Base Material Should You Choose:

There are three generic base products, skin, lace, or mono, and all have some advantages and disadvantages. 

The most natural look of skin foundations is available in a range of layer thickness, including ultra-thin skin, incredibly light skin, thin translucent skin, and transparent skin. The more adequate the foundation, the more realistic it will feel, and it will make it seem like the hair is growing from your scalp since it is manufactured this way. As for Lace Bases, a delicate fabric made from swiss or French lace is used in it, which makes it look natural and also make it breathable and lightweight.

People usually want a hairpiece that matches their scalp and hair texture while also durable and lightweight. Despite these challenges, no particular product has all these benefits. Considering this, when choosing a base, you must prioritize some things over another. For instance, you need to be concerned about breathability if you live in a warm climate, but if you live somewhere cold, it is not going to be a concern since you will not be sweating much or at all.

The newest non-surgical hair replacement systems are all very flexible and are the best hair loss for men treatment. They are comfortable to wear, and they won't disrupt everyday activities like taking a shower, exercising, or bathing. The whole range of Lavivid hairpieces offers you all these benefits.

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