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How to Classify Hair Replacement System for Sale?

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How many kinds of hair replacement system for sale do you know? Do you buy your hair replacement products online or offline? Do you trust online shops? Do not be worried, I will introduce a hair replacement system to you, as far as I know, hope it can help you more or less.

The hair replacement materials are divided into three types: chemical fabric hair, real hair, and real hair mixed with chemical fabric hair.

Chemical fabric hair is generally used for cosplay, which is not suitable for daily wear, so it is difficult to take care of it. The only advantage is that it is well-shaped and does not need to be taken care of, because it is cheaper and can be thrown away after several times wearing.

Human hair mixed with chemical fabric is an area with attention in the market. The hairpieces sold by retailers are 70% human hair blended with 30% chemical fabric, but they are all marked out. The purpose of blending chemical fiber is to improve the styling ability of hairpieces.

Some too many bad businessmen secretly mix chemical fabric hair into hair replacement system for sale and then tell you that they sell 100% whole human hair, so we must pay more attention to this. The general distinguishing method is to cut off a wisp of hair and set it on fire. Chemical fabric hair will have a plastic smell.

Human hair is just a general name, which can be divided into five grades according to the hair quality grade: bubble hair, cut hair, smooth bubble hair, smooth cut hair, and smoothly braided hair. If sorted by hair quality, it will be braided hair > cut hair > smooth bubble hair > cut hair > bubble hair.

Bubble hair and cut hair will become very rough after washing several times. Many retailers use this kind of hair as a shoddy product under the name of whole human hair. If you want to wear it every day, you should buy a high-end hairpiece, and you must consult this before buying. Braided hair is recognized as the best hairpiece in the industry, and its raw materials are all hair with excellent quality that has never been dyed.

By the way, human hair is also divided into different levels. Anyway, Chinese hair has the best quality, so you should better buy Chinese hair wigs if you want.

The inner net of the wig can be divided into silica gel scalp and lace net, and the size of the silica gel scalp also determines the price of the wig. According to the size, it can be divided into silica gel human scalp only at the head bald part.

Generally, if you don't toss, it is enough to use silica gel human scalp locally. If you like to toss your hair, you can use the half silica gel scalp wig. Because of the high cost, the price of full-head silica gel human scalp is also very expensive, so I don't think it is necessary.

In many people's eyes, a toupee is a wig, but the fact is they are not the same thing. Today's hairpieces are divided into a wig, toupee, and other forms. For some people who don't know much about wigs, these words are often used interchangeably, as if they all refer to one thing, but in fact, they represent different things.

What are the differences between a wig and a toupee?

How to pick up a good quality hairpiece before you do not get well known of it?

A toupee is different from a wig. Toupees are used to cover part of hair loss, while wigs cover the whole head. Wigs you see in shops are usually used in hair covers or ladies' accessories. A wig covers completely cover the hair from beginning to end, which is usually not suitable for men.

The toupee usually covers a smaller part of your head, which can blend seamlessly with the original hair growing on your head. Another difference is that the toupee is fixed on the scalp by tape or clip, which is equivalent to a semi-permanent function.

However, the wig can be removed at any time and can be taken off easily.

Are you clear with the hair replacement system for sale now?


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