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Common Mistakes Beginner Hair System Wearers Make

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Wearing a men’s hair system is actually a learning journey too. For beginners, it is inevitable to make some mistakes when you purchase a hair system regarding hair density, base construction, hair length, etc, because these features are very unfamiliar with them and easy to confuse. We are listing the common mistakes here in order to help you avoid to make your experience a little bit easier.

Ordering Only One Piece

no back up hair system

After you get the hair system installed and styled, you can let it bonding on your head for 3-4 weeks and then you need to take it off and get it thoroughly cleaned. So here comes the problem, if you don’t have a spare hair system, you don’t have anything to wear during the cleaning and drying process, then you will have to stay at home during this period.

For some extra hold glues, you might need to soak the hair base in adhesive solvent for 8-10 hours and it requires some time to let the hair air dry and restyled. So during this time, if you don’t have a spare, you will have nothing to wear.

Another situation requires your attention too. When your current hair system nearly wears out, and it just comes to you that you need to order a new one. Especially if you want to order a custom made one this time, it will put you in a pretty rush mode because a custom order usually takes 6-8 weeks for the production.


 Choosing the Wrong Density

Some people might think that the thicker the hair is, the better. The truth is just the opposite. Old people don’t have the full head of hair like they used to when they were young. So choosing the right density for your age is really important to have a natural and undetectable looking.

Also, the process of you losing the hair is a gradual process. So if you have a full head of hair suddenly and not appropriate for your age, you will not be able to accept that yourself.

So when choosing the density, make sure it matches with your existing hair in the sides and back. Select medium light density if you are in your twenties or thirties and lighter densities if you are above forty. Of course, if you are into thick hair styles, you can also choose medium density of 100% - 110% if you are in your twenties.


Wrong Hair Color

hair system color

A natural looking hair system must have a hair color that matches with your own as much as possible. Also, as people age, the hair color will become lighter and has some gray hair mixed. So when if you do have gray hair, do choose a hair color with corresponding percentage gray hair mixed hair system. For our black, brown and blonde hair colors, all have options with gray hair blended.

If you are not sure about the hair color, you can purchase our hair system color ring and do a color match and then choose a hair color. Contact for how to do this.


Unsuccessful Cut and Blending

It is very important that your hair system is cut and styled in a way that blends with your existing hair quite seamlessly. So people cannot detect the joined line of the hair system and your own hair which is called a good hair look.

Usually, for the first-time cut-in and styling, you need to take the hair system to a salon to get it done. It is important to find a hairstylist who is experienced in cutting hair systems instead of just in cutting people’s bio hair. It requires certain techniques to cut the hair system.

Stock hair systems usually have a default base size of 8’’x10’’. So before the hair system installation, you need to decide the size of the base you need. So first a template needs to be made with the help of a hairstylist, then he or she needs to cut the base to exactly match your template. A normal hairstylist or barber doesn’t know how to do this. So an experienced hair system stylist is a must.

Give Up too Soon 

There is a learning phase when you first wear a hair system. You need to learn and experiment to find out your best fit hair system, bonding, glue/tape removal and maintenance products. Be mentally prepared and expect problems to come. The learning phase usually takes from a few weeks to a few months. 

Not Willing to Experiment

It is hard to find the perfect fit hair system, tapes, or glue for the first time you wear a hair system. A lot of people just say no to all the hair systems once he is experiencing a unit that is not working very well. There are many different kinds of hair system bases including lace, skin, mono, silk and combined bases. You have options of full lace, full poly, lace in the center and poly in perimeter, and more. If one specific base doesn't work, you can try another style. Maybe you can find the perfect fit after 2-3 times experiments. 

Change the Hair Color Yourself

Most of our hair systems are made of indian human hair and they are processed hair and cannot be bleached. However, you can dye it darker if needed. One thing we need to emphasize is that do not dye the hair yourself if you are not professional on this. We recommend you take it to a salon to do it for you. Also, during the dying process, please try not to apply the coloring chemicals onto the base because it will stain the base or even damage it.

We Are Always Here to Help You Avoid Mistakes

The experience of wearing a hair system can be quite complicated especially for beginners but you will definitely become more and more experienced after you start wearing it. No worries, our hair system experts are always here to help. Feel free to contact us at and we will assist you with any questions you have.

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