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Solve Your Baldness with Lace Frontal Hairpieces

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Pattern Baldness in men is a widespread condition that is highly dependent on hormones and genes. Male pattern baldness causes your hair to start falling prematurely, resulting in early signs of baldness. This condition doesn't necessarily have a specific age limit and can get triggered at any time after puberty. While hair fall and thinning hair over time are natural and happen to everyone, it gets noticeably intense in some cases. That's when you should see a doctor and take the proper measures to save your hair. 

How To Diagnose Symptoms of Male Pattern Baldness


One of the very first signs of male pattern baldness is a receding hairline and hair loss at your temples. These symptoms occur at the very first age of male patterns baldness and are perhaps the most noticeable. While a receding hairline is entirely natural and happens to everyone, not everyone is comfortable with such obvious signs of aging, especially if they start early. There are many medical treatments out there that can help you slow down your condition. There are also organic or herbal methods that may help you regain some of your hair and slow down the process of hair loss. The condition, however, cannot be treated permanently. Taking in all of these factors, many men have come to prefer hair replacement systems over traditional remedies or prescribed medications. 

Best Hair Pieces for Your Hairline


Hairpieces come in many forms, types, fibres, etc.; the possibilities are endless when it comes to the material you want to choose for your hairpiece, to the application method, shape, and the hair type itself. The colors and the textures are entirely customizable too. Hairpieces are designed according to people's needs. People with early signs of baldness with only a receding hairline do not need a full hairpiece. In their 20s, most men have a receding hairline while still having a full head of hair. There is a special hairpiece made just for your hairline and temples called a partial frontal hairpiece.


Lace Base Wigs Are the Best For Your Hairline


Men’s lace frontal hairpiece has proved to be the best wig for people with a receding hairline. These are a good way for people to dip their toes in the world of hair wigs for men. This allows them to hide their hair loss in a mild unnoticeable way, and it also gives them time to practice wearing a hairpiece with something that is not as intense as a full head of hair.

The best material for a frontal piece base is lace. Lace is easy to bond since it doesn't require a lot of blending or professional expertise. In recent years there have been a lot of advancements regarding the application of hairpieces. Lace bases no longer require you to shave your hair; you can simply secure it then wear a lace hairpiece that blends in naturally with your hair and hairline. 

Two Main Types of Frontal Hairpiece


When it comes to wearing a frontal hairpiece, there are one most important features that you need to decide on beforehand. Hairpieces made for hairlines are designed in two main ways, i.e., backward direction and forwards direction. The direction of the hairpiece depends on the type of hairstyle you usually wear.

The hairpieces are made according to the requirement and cannot be changed or altered once the hair is sewn into the lace. Decide on the type of hairpiece depending on the type of hairstyle you plan tower. Styles with pushed back hair and an exposed hairline require a backward hair direction such as; quiff, slicked back, tied up, etc.; in other cases, such as bangs, fringe, or other hanging or let down hairstyles are done using a forward direction frontal hairpiece. 

Why Are Frontal Hairpieces The Best Option for Younger People


When it comes to men’s lace frontal hairpiece, many reasons give them the preference over other material bases and types of hairpieces. According to survey statistics, more than 70% of young men who wear toupees prefer front lace pieces over full head wigs and other materials. Many notable qualities will convince you too to try wearing these hairpieces to cover your receding hairline.


1. Undetectable and natural

Among many reasons, the most prominent would be how seamlessly it blends. However, it might take you a couple of tries to get there. But just after a couple of tries, your hairline will look perfectly natural and blended. Many frontal pieces come with a baby or newly grown hair at the front to make them seem more natural.


2. Lightweight and breathable

Another reason that makes it the better option is how lightweight and breathable these are. They allow a healthy breathing space for your scalp, and they are so lightweight that after a couple of hours, you won't even remember that you're wearing it. Their lightweight also makes it easy to apply and style.


3. Comfortable and flexible

Frontal hairpieces are set entirely firmly and are very versatile; they can be slicked back, tied up, left hanging, whatever the wearer chooses. They can be worn in part or tucked behind your ears, or styled with a bandana.


At our Lavivid store, we have the best type of frontal hairpieces for men. They can be bought in both hair directions that were mentioned earlier; our lace base makes sure that your hairpiece sits securely and blends with your natural hair seamlessly.


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