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The Sincerely Customer Review of LaVivid Custom Made Order

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Today I am just talking about the particular hair system that I have on at the moment. This system was made by a company called Lavivid if you've watched any of my previous videos, you'll know that I have used them in the past and I've always been very satisfied with their service.

Their product is beautiful and it was fitted um by a company called couture hair replacement in central London. The stylist is Ajay who is a magician when it comes to hair honestly. This particular system is a custom-made system from LaVivid. It's been made exactly to the measurements of my patch on my head so wherever I'm bald that they've taken the design for that and they've created a system out of that and the base was a design by Ajay and I can honestly say it is the best most comfortable durable system I've had. I’ve had it on for about three months now and there's been no shedding. The hair is still lovely it's still soft. It has lost color slightly but that is because that hair is processed. Most of the hair is from India so it is processed to the correct color for me. Because I've got a dark blonde hair and they have to bleach it and so normally when you bleach hair you bleach it to a bit lighter than what you need it for. So what happens is after the time of washing and being in the sun the color that they tone to be your right color will eventually come out so then it becomes a lighter color but it's gone quite blonde and I actually really like it. This one was made with natural highlights in it. They were very subtle but they're absolutely beautiful. I love it. I really do.

Why you need to choose a custom-made hair system?

I think if you are going to have a system, I would say to have a custom-made system. Stock systems they're great, of course, they are, but like it has to be cut to the right shape and the cut lines can be a weakness within the system. So if it's lace and it's cut to that certain shape, obviously you're going to fray the lace which means any hair attached to the lace is going to be getting looser and come off so it can lead to excess shedding. So when they have it made especially for you it is made exactly to the right size so there's no cutting and there's no fraying of anything so it is just one solid piece which is almost like hemmed around the edge. It's so well done and it's so nice.

It's even got my name printed on the back obviously underneath where you can't see it.

A very good working styling product

I’ve tried a few different products when it comes to styling my hair because I obviously have this kind of updo spiky style. I used to use a lot of hairspray but I found that it made the hair quite dusty looking and it was a lot of product build-up because I only wash it once a week so I was just putting product on product on product and it ended up looking like I had a head full of dandruff. It was not good. So what I did is I bought a new product after being recommended by Ajay and it is called OSMO extreme gel spray.

It is so good like it's your hair stays where it's supposed to give it the hardness of hairspray but it doesn't have the same kind of powdering and dusting after a few days. So I would definitely recommend getting it and giving it a try.

What I also do though is I do put a little bit of wax in my hair first before I use that just because that can give it a bit of shape. This is more of a setting in my opinion.

When it comes to washing and conditioning my hair, I'm still using the silicone mix bamboo which I showed you in one of my previous videos and yes I would recommend using that. It does work however I have found another product.

It's called joyco moisture recovery. I absolutely love it I would recommend giving that give it a try. It's quite expensive I think for a little one about that big I paid about three four-pound for it and then the big one which comes in I think it was about 35 pounds but it is so worth it. It's so good for hair extensions and any sort of hair that is not attached to your head. It really does add moisture to the hair which is great. I would definitely recommend trying that product um but yeah check out lavivid's website. Contact them I would say try getting a custom system made just try it. If you're used to buying normal systems for stock systems you know just treat yourself once to it just once give them the measurements and they will make a perfect match hair system for you.

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