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How to Distinguish Lift Injection and Flat Injection Ventilation Techniques for Toupee?

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Ventilation technique means how the hair is ventilated onto or into the hair system base. There are more than 9 different ventilation methods like Single Split Knot, Single Flat Knot, Double Split Knot, Double Flat Knot, V-looped, Flat Injection and Life Injection. Todays focus is regarding the difference between lift injection and flat injection techniques.

When we talk about Injection technique, we are referring to skin bases. This doesnt happen to lace bases. So then what does Injection mean? It means that the hair is injected or planted into a skin base. This process is like you are planting hair.

This is 100% handwork. You need to plant like thousands strands of hair into an 8’’x10’’ size base. This process is very time-consuming and it requires the craftsman having at least 5 years experience of ventilating hair. This is also the process that makes the price of the hair system comparatively higher than other ventilation methods. Experienced employees can ensure that our hair products are always stable and high-quality.

After the whole base is done with hair injection, turn the inside out and fasten it onto a head mold. Here you will see the hair roots. What we need to do next is to shave the hair root shorter.  Then we need to apply a layer of poly on the hair root side to seal the roots.

Difference between Lift Injection and Flat Injection

Hair Root

The first difference comes in the length of the hair root. For a lift injection technique, we shave the hair root as short as possible. While for a flat injection, we keep the root a bit longer.

Iron the Root

For flat injection technique, since the hair root is longer and we need to use an iron to iron the hair root down to the base. In this case, the hair is ironed down and its hair direction is made in a certain direction and cannot be changed anymore.

While for a lift injection technique, we dont need to iron the hair root down. Instead we just need to apply a slight thicker poly onto the base to make sure the hair doesnt shed.

Final Look

From the above picture, the picture on the left is a flat injection while the right picture is life injection. As you can see for flat injection, the hair is flat and the hair direction is done and cannot be changed.

While from the right picture, you can see the hair is lifted and can flow in any direction.

These are the differences between lift injection and flat injection. Comparatively, a lift injected hair piece cannot last as long as a flat injected hair piece because its hair root is quite short. However, for people who are looking for a highly realistic look and perfectionist, you will love to lift injection a lot.



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