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How to Pick the Most Suitable Lace Toupee?

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When you pick a lace hair system, you will find that there are so many different kinds of lace toupees. There are swiss lace, French lace, lace with poly and more. So what on earth is the difference among them? Today we will explain the differences among these 5 popular lace toupees from LaVivid little by little. Hope this can help you making a decision.

lace toupees

General Introduction of Each Style

Thor is a lace hair system with a base of full French lace. French lace is breathable and strong and it is a very good choice for hot weather wearing. The knots in front hairline are bleached to make it look natural. However, French lace is a little thicker than swiss lace, so if a front hairline is your number one concern, than Thor might is not the one for you since its front hairline is not perfect.

Helios is a full swiss lace hair system. Besides being breathable, swiss lace the most transparent, thin and delicate lace on the market. So it provide the perfect front hairline. If you are looking for a lace hair system and also a super natural front hairline, then Helios is the top choice.

Ares has French lace in the front and poly in the back. This structure makes the base stronger and always in a good shape. It is easier to care and maintain than a full lace unit. If you just start to wear a hair system and you want a lace base, then Ares is your choice.

Crius has French lace in the center and poly in perimeter. The best advantage of this base is that you only need to use tape or glue in the perimeter. So you can leave the lace part clean. In this way, you will feel much more comfortable.

Simois has all the advantages of Crius. Furthermore, Simois has lace in the front and it is for people who like a lace front hairline.


Here is a chart that I put all these 5 styles of lace toupees together and compare them on aspects of base structure, hair density, curl pattern and available sizes. It will be much easier to know the difference.

 lace toupee differences

Below picture you can see how each style looks in person.

lace toupee

Check out these lace hairpieces with real hair for a 100% natural look and unmatched comfort:

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