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How to Identify Two Popular Medium Density Lace Hair Systems?

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Looking for a medium density lace hair system? Here are two classic and popular styles and they are Crius and Simois. What are the differences between them?

Crius Mens Half Wig

Crius has french lace in the center and 1.5’’ poly in perimeter. With Crius, you only need to apply tape or glue onto the perimeter and leave the lace in the center free of tapes or glue. So this style is very easy to work with and your scalp doesnt have a lot of pressure from the tapes or glue and can breathe freely.

Crius has two sizes available and they are 6.3’’x9.4’’ and 8’’x10’’. The reason why we offer two sizes is because the poly in perimeter cannot be cut off too much, otherwise, there will be no enough room for tapes. So it is better to choose a size that is closest to your size. So you only need to make a little adjustments on the hair system base. Also the smaller size is cheaper and can save you some money, the bigger size can meet the needs of people with different hair loss areas.

Simois Hair System for Men

Simois is very similar to Crius. Like Crius, french lace is the main material to make the base, so it is breathable and light. It also has poly in the perimeter. However, Simois also has lace in the front hairline.

Same as Crius, the poly in perimeter is only around 1’’ wide, so it cannot be cut off too much. Also Crius has two sizes available and they are 7’’x9’’ and 8’’x10’’. Please choose the size that is close to what you need.

Same as Crius, you can only apply tape or glue onto the poly perimeter and leave the lace in the middle part free of tapes or glue. However, for the front lace part, you need to attach it using tape or glue.

Medium Density Hair Systems

One more factor that both styles share is that they both have 130% density hair which is medium density hair. So this density is more for young people at their 30s or less.

Check below pictures to see how these two hair systems look in person. Also you can check how thick a 130% density looks.

Difference Between Crius and Simois

So the main difference between Crius and Simois is the front lace. Simois has lace hairline in the front while Crius has poly as the front hairline. However, you can expose your hairline with both styles with no problem at all.

If you are a person who prefers a lace front hairline, then please choose Simois. If you prefer a poly or skin hairline, then choose Crius.The most important is both of the two hair systems are sold on LaVivid shop.

As you can see from above picture, both have a very natural front hairline.

Generally speaking, these two styles resemble with each other more than the differences. Both styles work really well for summer or hot weather or if you sweat a lot. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us at and our experts will help you out.


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