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Some Tips on How to Treat Hair Loss Male

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Do you know how to treat hair loss male? You probably know, I will provide you some more professional information about the reasons and solutions.

Although hair loss is very troublesome, it is not a disease fundamentally. Hair loss will not endanger our health like other diseases. Hair loss will only make our image less beautiful. Therefore, hair loss is not taken seriously in some hospitals, and it is generally classified as "dermatology".

Hair loss, a disease--how to judge whether your hair is healthy or not

How can we judge whether our hair is healthy or not? Besides going to the hospital for testing, we can also judge whether our hair is healthy or not by the number of hairs we lose every day.

It is normal for common people to lose more than 100 hairs a day, which is the normal metabolism of our hair. If the number of lost hair every day exceeds 100 or more than 200, we can judge whether we are alopecia or not.

Hair loss, a disease---how to prevent hair loss

Since the symptoms of hair loss are becoming younger and younger, can we do something to prevent hair loss in advance? Simple can start from these three aspects, first of all, we should start from our living habits, stay up late, smokeless and drink less.

Secondly, our diet should be healthy, and we should take in protein, vitamins, and meat and vegetables every day. Finally, it is our daily care. We should choose the shampoo that suits us. It is better not to blow with a hairdryer after washing our hair.

That's what I want to introduce. Hair loss is not a disease. Strictly speaking, hair loss is not a disease. Hair loss is only caused by unhealthy skin. Hair loss does not endanger our health, so we divide hair loss into the dermatology department in the hospital.

What foods should men not eat for hair loss and baldness?

Men's hair loss is very common in today's society, and androgenetic hair loss accounts for 95% of this hair loss. At present, there are many ways about how to treat hair loss male in society, and drug treatment can be divided into several methods, but side effects are inevitable. Although the effect is slow, compared with diet therapy, it is a reliable method, so what foods should men not eat for hair loss?

First, eat fewer foods with high sugar content, which is not conducive to the growth of hair. When sugar is decomposed, it can also produce a lot of heat energy, which can make sweat glands and sebaceous glands secrete vigorously.

People with hair loss should eat fewer sweets and drink less sugary drinks. When the sugar intake is reduced, the rate of hair loss is improved.

Second, eat less irritating food. If these foods are eaten too much, the hair loss will often be further aggravated. If we eat these foods for a long time, our hair will lose moisture, become dry and dull, and easily fall off.

Three, eat less greasy food, seborrhea is too much because of eating too much greasy food, such as fat, excessive intake of the greasy and saturated fatty acid content of food will also induce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat and cause excessive secretion of sebaceous glands, thus aggravating the degree of hair loss.

In addition, in the process of catabolism, animal fat will also produce more acidic substances, which will affect the pH index of blood, which is not conducive to hair growth.

Fourth, avoid excessive smoking, alcohol, and an abnormal daily diet. It is also necessary to supplement vegetables and protein. If your hair is dry and your hair ends are cracked, you can eat more foods such as soybean, black sesame, and corn. Excessive intake of sodium will affect the normal metabolism of the body, and excessive intake of sodium will also harm the hair.

At ordinary times, we eat edible salt and some sausages, instant noodles, staple food mixed with sauce, etc. These are high-sodium foods, which should not be eaten too much.

How to treat hair loss male? The above types of foods should be eaten less, but occasionally eating once or twice has little effect, so we need to supplement iron microelement.

People who often lose hair often lack iron, such as coffee and strong tea we usually drink, mango and lychee, which are all foods with special ingredients, which can also indirectly cause hair loss. Mango and litchi are allergic foods, and once they are eaten, they will cause temporary hair loss, which has a great influence on hair.


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