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Have You Tried These Hair Loss Treatment Essential Oils?

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Do you know these hair loss treatment essential oils? Hair loss is a common yet awkward problem. To find a comfortable solution to settle the problem, you can try on these essential oils. Today, we introduce several oils that are useful in improving hair thickness and growth. 

Hair loss is a problem that many middle-aged people and even young people suffer from. Hair fall seems to be a trivial matter, but the lasting hair fall will lead to baldness and the decline of confidence. What is worse, it may influence your social relations. To some extent, the problem also reflects the disorders inside your body system such as the lack of certain elements. 

Hair loss problems can result from various factors. In particular body conditions like severe disease and pregnancy, people will also lose much of their hair. To solve the problem of hair fall, we introduce several important hair loss treatment essential oils. Hair, the same as other organs in our bodies, also needs nutrition. These hair loss treatment essential oils can be helpful for hair growth and improving hair fall problems. 

Lavender essential oil

According to one animal study, this plant oil can help speed up the growth of hair in mice. It is useful in releasing stress and facilitating the growth of cells. Mix this sort of oil with other kinds of plant oils such as coconut oil or olive oil and then apply the mixture to your head. Massage your scalp with the mixture for about ten minutes so that the oil can penetrate your scalp and provide nutrition. 

Then you can wash the oil off and use normal shampoo to wash your hair. You do not have to use the hair loss treatment oil every day. Several times a week is enough. The lavender oil is flagrant. 

Rosemary essential oil

This type of essential oil can not only improve the condition of falling hair but improve the thickness of hair. The rosemary oil is mild, bringing a less itching feeling to the scalp. You can also apply the oil with other oils I have mentioned above to your head.


Tea tree essential oil

In our daily life, we often drink a cup of tea. But do you know that tea tree oil can help to clean the scalp and increase the volume of hair? This type of oil has the properties of anti-bacteria. 

To buy the tea tree oil, you should follow the instructions of manufacturers for the oils have many different concentrations. You can use ten drops of this oil combined with your shampoo to wash your hair every day. 

Cedarwood essential oil

This oil can help improve hair growth and balance the oil produced by your scalp. Too much or too few oils produced by the scalp will contribute to hair fall problems. It also has an antibacterial property. You can use a combination of cedarwood oil and rosemary or lavender oils. Still, massage it into your scalp for ten minutes. 

Peppermint essential oil

You will feel cool on your scalp when you are applying the oil. This is one of the useful hair loss treatment essential oils that can increase follicles and improve overall hair growth. Choose one type of carrier oil and mix it with two drops of peppermint oil. Also, massage your scalp with the mixture and leave it for five minutes before you wash the residues off. 

These are the several significant hair loss treatment essential oils. Apart from using these oils, you should also pay attention to the shampoos and hair conditioners you use to wash your hair. You can have a look at whether those products contain healthy ingredients. Generally, do not apply hair conditioners directly to your scalp. 

Besides, living a healthy life and eating a balanced diet is also important to reduce falling hair volume. Occasionally to release your stress is conducive to your hair and your physical and spiritual conditions. 


Plant oils like peppermint, cedarwood, rosemary, lavender essential oils are found to help improve hair growth. If you are troubled by the hair loss problem, you may try to choose some of these oils and apply their mixture to your scalp. Massaging your scalp with these oils can be comfortable and relaxing.



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