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Does Bill Maher wear a toupee?

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Losing hair and getting bald patches on the head can be very stressful for both men and women, especially when you are an everyday celebrity or TV host whose job is to appear on screen daily with a fresh and composed look. But how is it possible with baldness? Wearing a wig or hair extension has become a necessity nowadays because almost everyone is getting bald before their age, and leading a life without proper hair is undoubtedly harder for us.

Here we will discuss whether Bill Maher, a famous comedian, and TV host wears a toupee or not. As everyone knows, he is facing hair loss problems and getting bald daily. But owning your baldness or hiding it from people to look good enough are two different things. Not everyone dares to go with the flow and own his bald head. But the question is, has he undergone hair transplantation, or is he just wearing a temporary wig to hide his crown baldness? Below are some of the moments and details that prove his wearing a toupee.

Who is Bill Maher?

Bill Maher is an American comedian, actor, television host, and political commentator. He is generally known among the audience after his most hit TV show 'Real time with Bill Maher' and a late-night show 'Politically incorrect' in which he disclosed many political secrets and discussed various upcoming political scenarios. However, he has a great hidden talent for biting political commentary.

He is also a great writer who has written several famous books, including 'When you ride alone, you ride with Bin Laden.' Just because of his constant hard work and quality content production, he received 41 Primetime Emmy Award nominations winning for an extraordinary informational series vice in 2015. He also received several other awards, including a Grammy, Producers Guild of America, and Writers Guild of America award nominations. High times later honored him as 'Top Pot comic in 2006'.


What is a toupee?

A small hairpiece made up of synthetic hair to hide male pattern baldness at the top of the scalp is called a toupee. It magically mixes up with the original hair and gives the feel of a full head of hair predominantly at the crown of the head.

If you are facing receding hairline problems, a toupee wig is surely a solution. Toupee can easily give you a sharp hairline to enhance your overall look, and everyone will be urged to stare at you because of your flowy and healthy hair.

Tips and tricks to get a realistic look with toupee

  • A toupee gets merged up with your natural hair; therefore, it must be purchased with the help of a professional.
  • It must be in complete accordance with your existing hair in terms of color and texture to give a realistic look and blend seamlessly.
  • It must be stuck perfectly with the help of side adhesives to interpret an intense look.
  • A wig might bring slight color or texture change, but toupee blends in perfectly with your natural hair- after wearing a toupee, mix it up with your hair to reduce its fake look.
  • Always buy a high-quality and perfectly manufactured toupee that doesn't give you an impostor of the presence of fake hair; a low-quality toupee will surely look mythical on your head.

Bill Maher's early baldness compelled him to wear a toupee.

Bill Maher is not at all ashamed of wearing a wig or toupee to cover his pattern baldness. He has proudly admitted wearing a wig to look good in nice hair. He has also suggested too many others to wear a wig and don't make an issue of bald patches. At recent Oscars, he proposed the idea of wearing wigs to Jada Pinkett Smith because she is suffering from Alopecia. He said, "She must Thank God that Alopecia is her biggest medical problem; just put on a wig like everyone else." 

He suffers from bald patches and frequently wears a toupee to cover them in a very light and natural way without giving a fake look. In some of the episodes of his TV show "Real Time," we can easily spot the presence of some fake hair on his head when Maher speaks and tilts his head down to read something. We can clearly see his sharp and solid hairline, and his hair suddenly started looking fuller compared to past episodes. Bill Maher is a thoughtful man who avoids overdoing anything; the same applies to hair wigs. Therefore, he must choose a light and natural toupee that perfectly fits on his scalp and merges effortlessly with his natural hair.


Wearing a toupee or an ordinary hair wig is not a problem nowadays. It has become very common for every other man or woman who is facing hair loss problems. Having nice and healthy hair is everyone's desire; to achieve this, we must take help from hair wigs. The era of hair wigs has done a lot of advancement; now, they look natural and genuine. Bill Maher has also opted for a flawlessly real-looking toupee to cover his head and hide his baldness.


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