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Does Jay Sekulow Wear a Toupee?

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Hair is one of the essential features that add to your beauty. Beautiful thick hair is known to be a sign of beauty. However, not everyone is blessed with this beauty. Many people suffer from health problems, stress, heating tools, chemicals, etc. All of these factors can cause damage to the hair, ultimately causing hair thinning. 

Hair thinning is also typical in celebrities because they use heating tools and other products on their hair on a daily basis. But many celebrities do not want to accept and show their flaws, so they use artificial means to cover their head. A toupee is one of the most common means of covering and concealing bald patches and hair. This is the latest way through which you can hide the problematic areas of your head, and you will also see many celebrities and personalities using this for their rescue. 

Today the person we are going to talk about and learn if he wears a toupee or not is Jay Sekulow. So, let's dive into the article and learn more about this person. 

Who is Jay Sekulow? 

The first thing we are going to discuss is the life of Jay Sekulow and who Jay Sekulow is. Jay Sekulow was born on June 10th, 1956, in New York City. He got his education from Mercer University and also Regent University. He is a very famous and renowned lawyer and a host. He is mainly seen in shows that revolve around politics. Hence, he is known as a conservative media personality. 

Jay Sekulow has been a part of the American Council for Law and Justice since 1994. Furthermore, he is also a part of Donald Trump’s legal team. This shows that Jay is one of America's most professional and talented lawyers. 

He also built a legal team in the past thirty years of period. This team represents the conservative, religious and anti-abortion groups. He also hosted a radio show and was a regular guest on the Christian Broadcasting Network. You can also see Jay Sekulow on one of the most famous new channels, the Fox News Channel. 

Does Jay Sekulow wear a Toupee? 

Now the question is whether Jay Sekulow wears a toupee on his shows. There are many different reasons why people are speculating if Jay has natural hair or not, one of them being the slightly fake appearance of his hair. However, in some interviews and shows, it also looked like he did not have any toupee or fake hair on his head. 

So, if Jay Sekulow has natural hair, then we can say that he is blessed with excellent genes because he is 61 years and still has no white or gray hair. Furthermore, there are no signs of hair thinning, and he has a complete set of thick, luxurious, and full hair. Hence, there is no proof that Jay is wearing a toupee or that the hair is his natural hair. 

What is a Toupee? 

Now you might be wondering what a Toupee is because not many people know this word. A toupee is a type of hair system that has been a favorite of people with bald patches or hair thinning on a small part of the head. Toupee can be used to conceal a small part of the hair. They are perfect for someone who wants something that looks natural and lightweight. 

A toupee can also be customized according to the needs of the person. If you want, you can get the toupee customized according to your own needs. You can also get the color and style of the toupee. You can also change the size and material of the toupee according to your needs. Hence, this is one of the most amazing things and a blessing for people with bald patches or alopecia. 

Difference between Toupee and Wig: 

Many people might think both of these products are the same; however, there is a vast difference between the two. Wig can be used for both styling purposes and for covering hair problems. Wigs are used when an actor needs to be transformed into a new character. People also use wigs when they want to change their hair game without damaging the natural hair. Lastly, these hair pieces can also be used by people who are bald or have a significant amount of hair that needs to be covered. The wigs can sometimes look fake, and people can easily guess that those are not your natural hair. 

But if you have smaller areas, you don’t need to use the wigs. Use the toupees to cover the patches as they blend amazingly with natural hair. Furthermore, you don’t feel like you are wearing something on the head, so they are very comfortable and breathable. So, these are the perfect alternative for people who do not want something as big as a wig. 

LaVivid Hair- the best place to find Toupees: 

Finding the toupees can be pretty challenging. There are very few places that have good quality toupees. If you get low-quality toupees, they can look cheap and not blend properly with natural hair. Therefore, you must get the best toupees for yourself.

LaVivid Hair is one of the best places to get toupees. They have a fantastic variety of toupees, and you can find sizes, colors, shapes, and even the material according to your preferences. You will find that all of these toupees are made with the finest quality. However, the prices of these are very affordable and pocket-friendly. 


It is hard for celebrities to stay away from controversies. Every day you might be seeing a new controversy about some famous person. The most common ones are about the surgeries, treatments, and products celebs use to look as young as possible. One of the rumors about Jay Sekulow is that he might be wearing a toupee, but there is no evidence about it. 


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