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Does John Malan Wear A Toupee?

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Wigs are essential for your overall perfect appearance. It maintains your scalp hygiene and allows you to have healthy hair. So that you can lookyour best and your natural hair and scalp remain healthy. For finding the best kind of wigs it is important to visit a reputable platform and buy the best kind of wigs that suits your taste and choice. Lavivid hair is one of the best kinds of wig platforms to ensure you get the best quality toupees. 

You can also buy quality wig products from LaVivid Hair to ensure your wig is as healthy as possible. The look of hair is too necessary to look confident at your business meetings and your university presentations. At the family functions and yearly events sometimes we feel nervous to attend. Wear wigs to shorten the time and look handsome! It will create an amazing and significant impact on your self-esteem. Eventually, a wig can ultimately provide self-confidence to everyone!

Celebrities Choices

For a better view and impressive look without harming the natural hair celebrities always come forward to wigs! John Malan also did the same. 

John Malan has served Vietnam in the Army for a long time. Malan also had a career as a baseball player before broadcasting.

Malan has one of the most recognized personalities with weather forecasts in the Milwaukee Media.

He has chosen wigs since he had known - “Why A Healthy Wig Is Important To Your Overall Appearance”

Your wig is essential in your standard fitness and well-being due to the fact it's far one of the first elements that others may also be aware of. How wholesome and colorful your wig is can inform a person what kind of character you are, and the way you experience yourself. Healthy hair is an indication of self-belief and lets others view you in a nice light.


It is important to be self-confident in every sector of our life.

The condition of our wigs has a significant impact on how others notice us. Having a visit to a reputable wigs showroom can revive your self-confidence. Thus you can glow with your appearance. At Lavivid Hair, they will tell you how to cut and style any type of toupee, which will give you the ability to look your best.

Getting your wigs from the best quality stores can provide confidence on every occasion. So now you can have a great get-together party with friends or confidently attend a job interview. Wearing wigs will give you the crown of Confidence which is key to success.


A healthy wig is essential to the fitness and health of your wig, as hair that isn't always maintained may have cut up ends, be frizzy, and be extraordinarily dry, which is neither wholesome physically, nor properly to your self-belief. A perfect wig store will come up with the perfect remedies to keep your scalp so it stays in a healthful, colorful state, and lets you have all of the self-belief that includes healthful hair. 

Furthermore, even after leaving a wig store, the stylist will make sure you have the proper shampoo and conditioner to keep healthy and colorful wigs till your subsequent salon visit.


Styling daily with natural hair can cause problems to maintain our scalp to be healthy. Wearing wigs is beneficial as it promotes both healthy hygiene and self-esteem. So, your natural scalp will remain safe and stop hair loss. Wearing wigs will maintain 

your hair’s longevity, but you need to take proper care of your wigs that can reduce the chance of unnecessary hair loss.


Believe it or not, the situation of your hair may be one of the most essential symptoms of your general fitness. Vibrant, healthful hair manner that your body is generating sufficient nutrients and vitamins that make certain the body is working at its top situation. Unhealthy, dry and frizzy hair can be a signal that you want to alternate your food plan or hair care routine to promote your general fitness and well being. If you are not able to maintain your hair then use wigs as an alternative way. 

Healthy wigs will ensure the well-being of each of your physical and intellectual health which needs to be taken seriously. With the right wigs and care, it's far more viable to have healthful, colorful hair in all respects. Furthermore, your general self-belief could be considered advanced and permits you to live an extra pleasant life.

Hide Baldness

Somewhere people said John Malan might face baldness due to hair loss for what he chooses wigs.

It is obvious that if someone is facing hair falling, he at first may think about wigs or hair systems to hide balding and create a natural look of a full head of hair.

From Lavivid Hair, people can easily find wigs that match their natural hair color and also can add real volume and thickness to areas of their scalp with thinning hair.

For a dashing style, you can go to Lavivid Eros Men’s hair system, Lavivid Mirage toupee, Lavivid Helios Hair System, etc. 

There are circumstances, festivals, or occasions when you have to appear well-wearing. If you want an authentic appearance, you then definitely have to select a human hair wig. Though, while deciding on your desired wig color, it's miles recommendable to select the first-class color that suits your authentic hair. 

Protect You From Heat Styling Appliances: 

Wig saves your hair from warm styling appliances. Your wig will take in warmness and shield your herbal hair. Musicians, Actors, and entertainers of all kinds regularly put on wigs to alternate their appearance to carry out their roles, and it additionally avoids warmness styling options. 

Gorgeous styles: 

Normally, making crucial hair modifications or patterns ends in high-priced journeys to the splendor salon every seven days, however, with a big variety of wigs, you may shake your hair color or fashion out loud at any time. If you need to cover your extensive forehead, then you may use the Lace Front Wigs. You can also additionally pick out diverse styles of wigs in keeping with your suitability.

These kinda qualities of toupees attract people more and more to wigs. That is why famous faces like John Malan have been wearing wigs for a long time.


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