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If Vitamin B Could Treat Hair Loss?

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Does vitamin b help with hair loss? This is a very confusing question for a lot of people who are suffering from hair loss. Though vitamin such as Vitamin B is very significant for human beings, it is ambiguous for that question to some extent before. However, there are some studies currently that have identified that vitamin may have something to do with hair loss, which will be explained in the following text. 

There are many causes of hair loss, including hormones, genes, life stress, and medicines. Hair loss is sometimes a sign that you may lack vitamin, including low Vitamin B levels. Here's more about how Vitamin B affects hair loss and how to deal with it so that Vitamin B can help with hair loss. 

Vitamin B can metabolize with the help of keratin which is a tough and good protein in the skin. These are the skin cells that are able to process keratin, a protein that can be found in hair, nails, and skin. When the human body does not have enough Vitamin B, the keratin in hair follicles will encounter difficulties in regulating the growth and shedding of hair. Thus, there is a close link between Vitamin B deficiency and hair loss. And this may be usually a common cause of hair loss in men or women. 

If Vitamin B deficiency is the cause of hair loss, supplementing Vitamin B can help a lot. Vitamin B can be in the form of tablets, or it can be smeared on the skin. Supplementing Vitamin B is often helpful in recovering hair loss as a lot of people are deficient in Vitamin B which is a crucial substance for human bodies. Of course, you should think highly of other essential nutrients such as iron, vitamin C, and biotin. 

To be honest, taking in more Vitamin B certainly helps to improve the quality of existing hair, but how much do you need is depending on the individual's needs as well as sun exposure degree and other medical problems. Exposure to the sun for 10 to 30 minutes is one way to get Vitamin B, you can adapt to this method if you do not like take pills. However, it may increase the risk of skin cancer so that you should be careful enough to do your protection.


Though it is not a tough problem that does vitamin b help with hair loss, a large number of people still need to consider how can they solve hair loss with the help of Vitamin B. As we all know, Vitamin B is not a medical drug but a kind of health care product. You should not attach much significance to Vitamin B so that you will be calm when you find out that it does not work on you. 

The amount of sunlight needed to form Vitamin B depends on the type of skin you have, the amount of skin exposed, and where you live. According to some experts, an intake of 20 to 50 micrograms of Vitamin B is usually enough on a daily basis, and overdosing can lead to poisoning. Some people may need 100 micrograms a day to maintain optimal blood levels and take Vitamin B and magnesium in the morning for keeping you active. 

When it comes to autoimmune diseases or diseases in which your body attacks its hair follicles, it is best for you to see a doctor who is professional and can give you the right choices. For example, according to the National Hair Loss Foundation, treatment of alopecia areata can include steroid injections and using face creams. 

Although some studies have shown that low Vitamin B levels are associated with alopecia areata, the exact mechanism is unclear according to a review in the American Journal of Translational Research in 2019. 

The sooner you get rid of the symptoms of hair loss, the more likely you are to prevent irreversible damage. Today, you have known the answer to does vitamin b help with hair loss, you can go to a professional doctor for advice. Once you have solved hair loss, you will feel much better and more comfortable. It must be very fortunate for a lot of girls who get rid of this problem.


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