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The Introduce of Effective Home Remedies for Male Pattern Baldness

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Whereas male pattern baldness (MPB) may not be a serious life-threatening disorder, it can potentially affect the way you feel about yourself. Several independent studies have revealed that MPB (also referred to as androgenetic alopecia or AGA) can cause emotional and psychosocial issues, particularly among youthful men. Needless to say, nobody would ever want to experience such a disorder that would otherwise lower his self-esteem. You’d want to keep this embarrassing disorder at a bay and this is possible thanks to the various home remedies for male pattern baldness (scientifically proven). SUREFIRE HOME REMEDIES FOR MALE PATTERN BALDNESS


For a long time, people have used castor oil as a remedy for various disorders but did you know that it can be used as a home remedy for MBP? Scientific studies have shown that castor oil is effective as it increases blood circulation in the scalp thus stimulating the growth of hair roots. Besides, it is claimed to possess antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that help to combat dandruff and hair loss.


- Get 2 to 3 teaspoons of castor oil

- Warm your castor oil (just lightly)

- Apply to scalp

- Leave the set up overnight

Repeat this process for three to four times per week


Yet another home remedy for male pattern baldness is coconut oil. It has been proved effective as it contains alpha-tocopherol and nourishing fats which help to rejuvenate your scalp and keep it hydrated – something that goes a long way to strengthening your hair follicles and stimulating hair growth. This oil (coconut oil) also contains antioxidants that help to shield the scalp as well as the hair fibers from damages.


- Get two to three teaspoonful of virgin coconut oil

- Warm the oil gently

- Massage the scalp with the warm oil

- Rinse off after 5 hours or leave it that way overnight

Repeat this two to three times weekly.


A recent study conducted in 2014 revealed that peppermint oil promotes the growth of thick, strong, and long hairs. For a long time, individuals have used peppermint oil as an antibacterial however it can now be used as a home remedy for male pattern baldness. It combines its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties to combat the effects of MBP.


- Get three to five drops of your peppermint oil

- Grab a cup full of water

- Grab a warm towel/shower cap

- Dilute you peppermint oil in water

- Apply to the scalp/hair

- Cover you head using a warm towel

- Leave this for half an hour

- Use mild shampoo to rinse off

Repeat this for about 2 times weekly


If you are looking for yet another proved home remedy for MBP then you have pumpkin seed oil as allegedly the best treatment option. Pumpkin is available almost everywhere but most of us have no idea what they can do as far as MBP is concerned. Several independent scientific studies have shown that pumpkin seed is rich in tocopherols, carotenes, as well as other useful nutrients that contribute greatly to reversing male pattern baldness.


- Grab a teaspoonful of pumpkin seed oil

- Grable another teaspoonful of olive oil

- Mix the two oils to make a blend that you’ll apply on your scalp

- Leave it overnight

Repeat the procedure for approximately 2 times weekly


If you already have olive oil in your home, then you allegedly have one of the best home remedies for MBP. Most individuals may not be aware of this however it has been proved to work. Researches show that olive oil contains Oleuropein – a compound that helps to promote hair growth. Likewise, olive oils contain squalene – a moisturizer. These two compounds work together to nourish your hair and promote its growth.


Male pattern baldness is a disorder that can make you feel embarrassed especially if you are a young man. This disorder used to be associated with old age however studies have shown that it can occur to youths as well. You will never want to experience the disorder and that’s why we’ve just shared some home remedies that you could try and keep MPB at a bay. The above plus many other home remedies for male pattern baldness can help you restore your hair.


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