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The Guide to Avoid Hair System Shedding

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It must be really annoying when you see your hair system shedding. So what should I do and what I cannot do to avoid my hair toupee from shedding? Read on to find out.

First of all, if you see minimum shedding when you wash it, thats pretty normal. No need to worry about that. If you see a big amount shedding every time when you comb it and wash it, then you need to check your daily care routine to see whether you have done one of these that might cause the shedding. 

Soaking the hair system base in liquid for a long time

Liquid here can be water, conditioner or even solvent. No matter when you wash, condition or remove glue residue from the hair system base, a long time soaking like an hour or more is not recommended. Long time saturating in the liquid will cause the knots to become loose, and then you will see shedding after that.

Hair System Base is not dry completely after washing

There is one thing that a lot of people missed when they dry their hair systems. They blow-dry the hair only but dont dry the base. Actually making sure the hair system base is completely dry is very important. If your hair system base has been wet for a long time, not only the knots will become loose, but also it will damage the base too making its longevity shorter.

Base being dry is very important for lace, mono and especially for 3 layer silk bases. For a silk base, if there is water left between the bases, it will not do good to the hair system. So it is extremely important to make sure the base is completely dry every time after you wash it.

Hair been under-conditioned

The hair has lost the natural oil from your scalp so it needs to be well conditioned every time you wash it. So it is under conditioned, it will become dry and fragile and more likely to shed. You can use a conditioner when you wash your hair or use essential oil after washing it.

Combing tangles using a fine-tooth comb and starting from the root

Always remember using a wide-tooth comb to comb your hair system. When you comb out any tangles, start from the end and work you way gently up to the root.

Too much or frequent heat on hair

Heat does no good to hair systems. Dont wash the hair using hot water. When you blow-dry the hair, be sure to set the blow drier on cool and low settings. You might need to add curls or styling the hair, try to use heat as less as possible.

Harsh alcohols in hair products

Alcohols will dry out the hair and damage it big time. So for shampoo, conditioners, please check whether there are harsh alcohols in the ingredients.

Poor Quality

If you havent done anything of the above, then it might be a poorly made hair system. For some lace units, you might notice that the hair in the root looks lighter than the hair elsewhere, then it means that the knots are over-bleached. Over bleached hair is very fragile and very likely to break.

These are all the factors that you can think about when you see shedding in your hair system. Try to avoid the wrong actions that might cause harm to the hair system. 


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