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Why Many People would Suffer itching while Wearing A Hair System

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Are you experiencing itching while wearing a hair system? Or you have accepted the fact that wearing a hair toupee will inevitably cause itching and try to live with it? Actually, some causes for the itching can be avoided or resolved. Read on to find out the causes and corresponding remedies. 

Razor Shaving

Before you apply the hair system, you need to shave the area that you plan to apply the hair toupee on. Usually people use clippers to trim down the hair and then use a razor to completely remove any hair stubble. However, for some people who are prone to razor burn, razor shaving will cause itching problems during the time you wear a hair system. So the solution would be only using clippers to shave your head. Avoid using a razor.

Hair System Base

For mesh bases, if you already have experienced the itching problem, then we it is recommended you to change to the softest and delicate Swiss lace base. With a lace base, the hair underneath the base can grow through the lace meshes and wont cause itching. Also the swiss lace is very soft and it is the best lace material and it has the least possibility that will bring itchiness to you.

For skin or mono bases, the hair underneath cannot grow through the base and this will cause itchiness to your scalp. So if you are having an itching problem while wearing a skin or mono base, you can consider changing to a lace base instead.

Also, you can increase the frequency you remove the hair system and clean & shave the scalp, then the growing hair wont be a cause for your itchiness.


If you are a very active person and sweat a lot on a daily basis, wearing a skin base, which is not breathable, can cause itchiness because the skin base cannot let your sweat or heat evaporate and it is left on your scalp and under the base. If this is you, then change to a breathable lace, mono or silk hair systems.


Dry Scalp

If you have dry skin, then avoid using products that contain alcohol or citrus. isopropyl alcohol or cleaning products that contain alcohol will cause huge dryness to your scalp. A dry scalp will definitely cause itchiness. 

Beginning Stage of Wearing A Hair System

During the first few days or weeks, you are not used to having something else attached to your scalp and you might always worried about it all the time. This Psychological reaction will also cause itching.

If you are experiencing itching while wearing your hair toupee, do a self-check and avoid these actions mentioned above. Any more questions please feel free to contact us at


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