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The Friendly Guide of Full Lace Toupees

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When you go on the internet to look for the solutions for your hair loss and male pattern baldness you will find several solutions, some will be permanent but will be super invasive and will not guarantee you your desired results; others might look like a scam or just something you would not base your faith on then there is a semi-permanent way to deal with your hair loss, caused by male pattern baldness. This method is called Hair Replacement System, and under one of its categories, there lies a world of toupees specially designed to cater to men struggling with bald spots due to falling victim to Male Pattern Baldness. Now, when you find out about them and do your research before getting them for yourself, you might want to consider a lot of things, i.e., the toupee base.

If we talk about the bases of the hair toupees, there are around 3 to 4 types of plates, but the most famous among them is lace. Full Lace Toupees are known to be the base with the most comfortable feel and undetectable touch. Now different people have different preferences, but here is your complete guide to ace the Full Lace Toupees; In this guide, you will get to know what are they, their advantages, disadvantages, and how do they feel on your Scalp.

Let’s Begin!

What is a Full Lace Toupee?

full lace toupee

The Full Lace Toupees have lace as the base materials to be applied to the Scalp. There are usually two kinds of laces used for that purpose, French Lace or Swiss Lace. The reason for lace being so famous is because it is the most lightweight and breathable hair system base material if compared with any other base materials.

The sewn hair gives the unrecognizable illusion of your natural hair growing out from your hairline. Secondly, toupees are something you don't take off every day, so you need something comfortable, don't cause much trouble, or requires a lot of work and easy to maintain.

Advantages of Full Lace Toupees.

Now that you know what Lace Toupees are and how they are used, let's move towards the advantages it gives over other Hair Toupee Base Materials.

The most significant advantage full lace wigs have is how undetectable they look. The illusion they give is exactly like your natural hair growing from your hairline. It seems so logical that when wearers are wearing Full Lace Toupees viewers cannot even identify if they were real or fake, it is tried and tested, believe us on this.

As it is impossible to tell if they are your real hair or are wearing a toupee, all the insecurities you have had because of hair loss are gone in an instant. There is a new blown out boost of confidence telling you to take over the world. Yes, they are that good.

As the color of your lace is so close to your skin, it makes the boundary between your Scalp and your Toupee seem like one. If you are a bit afraid of trying hairpieces, starting will Full Lace Toupees might be the smartest idea.

Lastly, these lace toupees provide the most wanted ease of application as less product is used in the implementation of these toupees on your Scalp.

Disadvantages of Full Lace Toupees.

Everything comes with a catch. If a hair toupee offers so many advantages, there will be something that makes people go for another type of base material. So what are the cons of using lace as base material?

As it is so lightweight and breathable, it is made out of a fragile material that is easily prone to get torn, and due to that reason is not very shock resistible.

The tapes and adhesives used on the lace cap are tough to clean as the glue can get stuck between the holes in the mesh of the lace, which can be quiet stubborn to get out. Also, if you are new at this, then most probably, you will get your liquid glue or adhesive through your lace toupee to the hair of the hairpiece.

How do Full Lace Toupees Feel on your Scalp?

As these lace toupees have a very sheer mash lace for base and hair strands sewn on the lace. Hence, when applied on your Scalp, it needs more attention and precision, as previously mentioned, but also less glue with these types of toupees go a long way. The result and feeling of this type of Toupee have real hair on your head. With lace toupees, you are giving your sweat glands on your scalp space to breathe; hence the glue and adhesive do not lose their grip and stays intact even after prolonged use.

This is why it has always been a hit in the summers. It keeps your scalp cool and light. Lace toupees allow you to not worry about them while doing intensive hard work or labor. Despite being such a light material, it still has a stronghold on your Scalp. You can be worry-free about your physical activities without feeling irritated or hot. Full lace Toupees gives you the privilege to feel like you do not have anything on you.

Getting Yourself a Full Lace Hair Toupee.  

Want to get yourself a Full Lace Hair Toupee? We second your decision. Now the big question is from where to get yourself the top-grade hair toupee with good quality lace to get to the end of your hair problem? Ease, Lavivid Hair is your one-stop-shop to shop for anything related to your hair issues. You can quickly get your hands on the most significant variety of hair systems and toupees. Having the experience of 20+ years in the industry of Hair Replacement Systems, evolving with time and demand of people, you can be sure you will exactly get what you want and deserve.  


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