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The Introduce of the Glue on Hairpieces: A Perfect Evolution of Traditional Wig

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As you age, you gain further experience and insight into life as a whole. Along with knowledge, you also gain grey hair. According to the latest research and surveys, by the time people reach the age of 35, 70% of the men have their hair going grey. And in the next 10 to 15 years, they start suffering from baldness or thinning hair. But lately, the age limit is regressing continuously. Men as young as 21 years of age are reporting thinning hair, shedding, and in some worst cases, even bald spots. In medical terms, this condition is called androgenetic alopecia but, since big words can be daunting, people came up with another more generalized word for this condition and, it is called male pattern baldness.  

Your hormone levels are constantly changing. With age, the change in hormones can cause baldness and thinning hair. This is getting quite common in men, and the recorded figures are quite big. However, despite its frequency, it can be quite upsetting and have quite a negative effect on a person's mental health. A receding hairline sometimes becomes the cause of feeling embarrassed in certain situations which results in low confidence.  

The Best Remedy for A Bald Head

Despite how much the public makes it a big deal about using fake products. More than most are immensely affected by this condition and would be willing to try anything at least once to overcome this predicament. They would go to wide extents such as trying out home remedies or investing in hair loss pills and vitamins. They are willing to try out different shampoos and oils or get treated medically. All these searches and trials can get pretty tiring and, at one point, you might even give up completely. Not to mention the fact that male pattern baldness can be treated but certainly cannot be cured 100%.

Instead of going through all of that mental exertion and physical try-outs, many have come to the decision that hair replacement systems are the best possible option. It is known to be the only 100% effective method that most men have come to terms with and have now started using men's glue on hairpieces. 

Why Men's Glue on Hairpieces Is Better Than Surgical Hair Transplants Or Medicines?

Some medical courses can help lessen the effects of male pattern baldness or alopecia such as finasteride (Propecia), Minoxidil (Rogaine), etc. But as mentioned before, these are not the cures. The medication helps control the extent of hair loss. But it doesn't stop it or get rid of the problem completely. Furthermore, once you get started on these drugs, you cannot stop using them. In the case of cutting it completely, the hair fall will continue with more side effects and, any gained hair will shed in no days. The other option that you could turn to is a hair transplant. Hair transplants are known to work at least 60% of the time but, that has its side effects. Despite their approximation of effective outcomes, they are extremely risky, expensive, and quite painful. 

The last and the most practiced and feasible option is men's glue on hairpieces. There are many names for it and are also known as hair replacement systems and more commonly toupees or wigs. These hair systems are custom made according to baldness pattern to best cover it up. Hair systems can be customized to every possibility, ranging from color texture or length, and can also be personalized if the customer wants natural or synthetic hair. Keep in mind that toupees are not permanent. You can easily remove and change them whenever you desire, and this is another reason why men's glue on hairpieces is gaining popularity. It lets you experiment with different styles and colors until you find the one that makes you look your best. 

Why opt For A Men's Glue on Hair System?

In the early years, toupees were not considered a viable option for dealing with hair loss, but nowadays glue on toupees and hairpieces is the number one choice for people who are going through hair fall. The range and durability of these hair systems now days is astonishing. They provide you with free mobility and no moisture damage whatsoever. They can be washed, and you can even shower while wearing it! They are also now a lot more realistic than they used to be. Unless specifically mentioned, no one could tell the difference between natural hair and glue on hairpieces.

One of the most prominent reasons why glue on hairpieces are gaining popularity is how easy it Is to put them on. Usually, it would take you 10 to 15 minutes to properly apply the adhesive and secure a hairpiece but, with glue on hairpieces, you only need to clean your scalp from any oil and just position it on your head. Hold it down for a few seconds to make sure that it is in place and, that’s it! Your hairpiece is safe and secure, and you can flaunt it anywhere without worrying about thinning hair or bald spots.

A large percentage of men below the age of 25 are affected by baldness and receding hairlines. If you too want to address your hair problem and start wearing a toupee or a hair system, Lavivid is here to offer you the best services in the town.


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